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Show us what you've got going for this weekend!!

Here's mine.

I finally got all FOUR tracks sorted and FOUR train consists sorted too, and got the chance to take a bit of video of ALL of them running all at the SAME TIME on my Upstairs Standard Gauge Layout. Split over two videos due the the length and size of the file.


The trains are:

1) upper O loop- Polar Express engine, Rock Island rail sounds tender, three original repainted 1930s Blue Comet cars.

2) back table inner loop- MTH Ives Circus set

3) front table inner loop-MTH 381e pulling MTH and Lionel Classics State Sett cars (2 brown, two green)

4) on the perimeter loop over both tables- my original American Flyer Wide Gauge repainted Shasta electric, pulling original AF Wide Gauge 4000 series freight cars. Including the newest items that arrived this week; a gorgeously repainted BLUE original 4010 tank car with A.F. AIR SERVICE decals added per my request, and an all original 4021 lighted caboose.


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@lewrail posted:

Yesterday I was able to acquire a white Ives Nr 60 mail/express car in pretty good condition. It is the second of the three car set comprising Nr 60, Yale, and Harvard.  It joins a spectacular Yale car I found at Brimfield 25 years ago. Now, all I need is to find  the matching Harvard. Lew SchneiderLAYOUT IVES YALE COACH

To take fans to the big game. I presume. I think young football fans today would find it hard to believe that Yale vs. Harvard was the big game of the year ( with the possible exception of Army-Navy, but even that was later)

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