Weird acceleration behavior.

My Legacy SD60E has started a weird behavior where as its accelerating and reaches speed step 23 it slows to a speed slower that step 22 but continues to accelerate.  Any thoughts on this? It's really peculiar. This doesn't occur with my other legacy engine an FEC E44AC.

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Any chance your engine might have an item number?  Remember, Lionel did Legacy in modular boards and the later and greater RCMC system.







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There’s something about speed step 23. This sounds ridiculous, but on my scale Lionel B&O F3 the engine would run fine for several minutes at step 23 and all of a sudden it would stop. When I backed off to step 22 it started moving normally. Mike from Lionel said to just replace the main board but at $100.00 I decided it’s cheaper to just bypass step 23 and go right to step 24 or 22. After several months running like this I was cleaning the wheels and noticed one of the rollers had a small bind to it. I oiled both the rollers and has now been running at step 23 for several years perfectly. I just have no explanation for this other than electronics and AC trains can have unexplained gremlins hiding within.

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Lagerstout posted:

Actually somehow in the past 24hrs the issue resolved itself when I ran the engine this evening.

Usually when a symptom "resolves itself" that is not really what happened. It's an intermittent thing. If you did not find what was causing it, the behavior will happen again.


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