Wednesday, Oct. 16th

Dear friends and fellow forum members,

It is with great pleasure that I invite you to the 26th DCS User Group Meeting.  Last Spring, Barry Broskowitz had already decided to make the user group meeting a once a year event each October.  He planned not to attend the April York meet and asked me to scout out a new location before his untimely passing.  Barry made the User Group Meeting into something that I personally looked forward to every time I came to York, and I hope we can keep it going well into the future.  After discussing options with representatives of MTH, and with their support, we are continuing the user group meeting tradition at the Eagle's Nest Restaurant!  

It's our hope more folks, and significant others, will be more interested in attending the meeting if it is accompanied by a high quality restaurant experience.  Many York attendees, myself included, have enjoyed many meals at Eagle's Nest over the years.  We were pleased to learn that their banquette room was available on Wednesday the 16th.  Dinner is optional as before, but we still need a minimum number of attendees buying dinner to make the event a go.  If we do not have enough people commuting to attend AND buy dinner by Oct., 2nd, we will have to cancel.  We're going to give Eagle's Nest a try and see how you like it for future meetings.  There are more details on the restaurant and menu below, but here are the basics...



Reply to this thread by October, 2nd.

Indicate in your reply if you want to buy dinner at Eagle's Nest.

If you prefer, e-mail me the same info at hikelogauge@gmail.com



Eagle's Nest Restaurant banquet room.

2519 Mt. Rose Ave.

York, PA 17402

DIRECTIONS:  From I-83, take exit 18 for Mt. Rose Avenue (PA Hwy. 124).  Head east on Mt. Rose Avenue for 0.6 miles.  The Eagle's Nest will be on your left (north side of Mt. Rose Ave.).  Here's a link to driving directions from the fair grounds to Eagle's Nest.

When you enter the restaurant, please tell the hostess you are with the DCS User Group, and you will be directed to the banquet room on the 2nd floor.



5:00 to 6:00pm - Free DCS firmware upgrades for TIU's, remotes, WIU's, and DCS Explorers

5:30 to 7:00pm - Dinner Service (see menu information below)

7:00 to 8:00pm - DCS Q&A, Show and Tell, and a Presentation on DCS Hardware History

8:00pm'ish - MTH Presentation on new items, features, Q&A with MTH Executives, and be among the first to receive a printed copy of the new catalog.



If you have any questions about DCS (technical or otherwise) that you would like the folks from MTH to address, please submit them in advance by posting them here, or e-mailing them to me at hikelogauge@gmail.com.  I will send your questions to MTH on Oct., 2nd so they can come with answers to your questions.  If you cannot attend, please feel free to post your questions as well.  We will include MTH's replies in a meeting report after York.



I'd like to try a new feature at this meeting, but I need your help!   If you have a cool feature on your layout that makes use of DCS, please consider sharing it with the User Group!  Take a photo(s) or video of your layout feature and e-mail it to me at hikelogauge@gmail.com.  When we get to the Show and Tell part of the evening, I'll put your photo(s) and/or video up on a video screen and you can explain your feature.   Maybe you've got an accessory that you wired up just right to an AIU, or an old accessory that works a lot better because of the fine speed control in DCS.  Perhaps you have a subway set making station stops, an engine service facility where you make good use of the Idle Sounds Sequences, or Custom Sounds that you've recorded to fit your layout.  There are MANY features in DCS that go unused on many layouts.  Lets share them so we can all see how we're making the most of DCS on our layouts.



Dinner Service in the banquet room will be available beginning at 5:30pm.  The prices are higher than the food service at our previous locations, but the quality of the food is substantially better, and a wait staff will serve you at your table.  There's a limited menu so that everyone can be served in a timely manner.   You DO NOT need to select your entree ahead of time, but I figure people would like to see the menu before committing to buying dinner.  As part of the banquette room service, a 20% gratuity will automatically be added to the bill.

ENTREES - includes a house salad and your choice of one of the sides listed below

16oz New York Strip Steak - $28.95

Chicken Parmesan over linguini with garlic toast. - $23.95

Atlantic Salmon Fillet - $23.95


Baked Potato

Red Skinned Mashed Potatoes

Rice Pilaf

French Fries

Mixed Vegetables

ENTREE ADD-ON's (optional)

6oz Crab Cake - $14.95

2 Stuffed Shrimp - $10.95

Sea Scallops - $11.95


Bottomless soft drinks

Cash bar



Hope to see you in October!

Original Post

Dave, glad to see you are continuing the tradition...Eagle's Nest is a great site for the meeting...  

Dick Picanso and myself will be attending and having dinner...  I might be a late arrival but should definitely be there before 1900...

Jim Queenan

Jim Queenan TCA 99-50562

Boston Metro High Railers [BMHR]

BMHR Website:  www.bmhrc.com



I wish I could attend this year, being that it is practically in my backyard, but the military is sending me to Germany for a two week training over the TCA show. I would like to however extend this offer to future "DCS Dinners" if there is ever a time where this would need to be cancelled due to lack of attendance/meeting a minimum for reservations, White Rose Hobbies, the local O Guage hobby shop in the area is willing to host and meet the needs of the group meeting. I sincerely wish I could attend but "duty calls"

White Rose Hobbies "O" Scale Sales & Service Contact

Hi Dave, will be attending my first York with brother and spouses. Putting our schedule together over the next few days so we are considering this event. Wondering if at 5:00 there will be someone there with a service loader that could add a permanent name to engines that have been upgraded?


Good news everyone!  With everyone responding here and via e-mail we have surpassed Eagles Nest's minimum.  There's still plenty of room available. 

Again,  everyone is welcome whether or not you buy dinner.  Please keep posting your intentions to attend.   I will give Eagles Nest our expected total the day before the meeting, so you have until then to post if you want to buy dinner.

Please contact me as well if you would like to share something from your layout during our new "show and tell" segment.  It doesn't need to be anything fancy,  just DCS related.


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