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All postwar Lionel trains manufactured 1945-1969 will run on O-31 track and O-gauge (catalog #022) switches.  Most (but not all) of the trains can also run on O-27 curves but some longer cars and locomotives will hit the switch machines on O-27 switches so they won't work on an O-27 layout.

@Lionelski posted:

While they will run on O31, if you are in the layout planning stages I suggest that you consider O42, O54 and O72 tubular curves - all were made by Lionel

Good advice that I myself learned here and have followed. Basement layout 2.0, while still using O27 tubular track, has only 42", 54" and 72" curves. No 27" curves other than in the yard where the switchers and freight cars will handle them fine.

thanks for the good advice. I don't want to buy more track unless necessary. I already have a lot of O-31 track. From what has been said with some good planning and trying things out it should work. Don't plan on O-27 curves in the mainline, might use in the yard and sidings. If I were to use O-42 or O-54 what switches would I use? I have several 022's that I want to use. John

If I were to use O-42 or O-54 what switches would I use?

There are many options.

-Lionel 022, 5123 & 5133, 65132 & 65133, 65166 & 65165, 5166 & 5165, 23010 & 23011, 711 & 721, 12080 & 12081.
-K-Line K375 & K376, K763 & K764, K775 & K776.
-RMT / Ready Made Toy RMT99764, RMT99763, RMT99775, & RMT99776
-O-Line Reproductions OLR604 & OLR605, OLR606 & OLR607.

-RossPlate switches from Ross Custom are also direct fit - same footprint - for the above listed Lionel O-72 switches.
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