I need some help from the K-Line gurus on the forum.  Which of these items actually made it into production?

I know the 6301, 6302, 6303 Woodsided reefers all made it as I own two of them and am chasing the last one.

I know the 691-6302 Christmas flat car exits as I own that one also.  What about the others?

On the K-line legacy site, some show artwork, some show what looks like an actual item, and others don't seem to have a photo or artists rendering at all.  It's more than academic interest as if they exist I want to track them down and own them.

It's my goal to own any Looney Tunes item in 0 scale and I currently have all the Lionel items.

Thanks to the group for any insight and information.


K3398-0002WLooney Tunes Pacific Engine$299.95

K511-044Looney Tunes S Gauge Boxcar$27.95

K616-6301Porky Pig Wood-Sided Scale Caboose w/sound$69.95

K616-6301SPorky Pig Wood-Sided Scale Caboose w/sound$79.95

K641-6301Looney Tunes Taz Boxcar$34.95

K641-6302SHappy Birthday Looney Tunes Musical Boxcar$34.95

K641-6303Looney Tunes Fast Friendly Freight$34.95

K643-6301SFoghorn Leghorn Chicken Car w/sound$44.95

K681-6301ALooney Tunes Tweety Crane & Gondola$64.95

K691-6302Looney Tunes Christmas Flat Car $64.95

K7041-6301Acme/Looney Tunes Operating Voltmeter Car with light$64.95

K707-6301Road Runner and Wile E Coyote Chase Car$69.95

K708-6301Bugs Bunny & Daffy Duck Operating Boxcar$74.95

K721-6301Speedy Gonzales Operating Car$39.95

K742-6301Elmer Fudd "Hair Enhancing Elixir" Wood-Sided Reefer$64.95

K742-6302Yosemite Sam "Red Hot Ryder Ointment" Wood-Sided Reefer$64.95

K742-6303Porky Pig "Merry Melodies Patented Remedies" Wood-Sided Reefer$64.95

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Of the cars you list personally I can only remember seeing the Elmer Fudd Elixer Reefer. I only noticed because the art work was really nice but novelty cars are not really my thing but now and then one does look notable. That one was.

Thanks to a forum member here i was just able to get the Elmer Fudd and Red Hot Ryder Reefers to complete the collection of the three. Would be interesting to see pictures of your collection. I would like to collect some of the Looney Tunes stuff but it can get rather expensive.

I can confirm that the K3398-0002W Looney Tunes Pacific steam loco does exist.


It came from a bunch of K-Line pre-production samples at York about two years ago. It was sold as a possible one-of-a-kind, and it's possible that may indeed be the case.


I had the opportunity to look it over, and the tender's graphics were gorgeous.



Tim Dude,

My trains are in large plastic tubs currently due to a lack of space for a layout.

They will come out for the holidays and I will post pics of the collection.



Thank you for the very interesting info about the Pacific Steam Loco.  If it is one of a kind, then it's almost certainly out of my price range currently and in the forseable future, but I'm happy to know it exits.  


I own the Yosemite Sam Red Hot Ryder and Elmer Fudd Elixir Reefers as well the the Holiday Flat Car.  I'm chasing the Porky Pig Reefer as I know it was produced.


Any other sightings of any of the others? I'd be especially interested to know of any of the operating cars ever made into production.


Thanks for all your responses.



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Bill T posted:

I have the K742-6302 Yosemite Sam and K742-6303 Porky Pig reefers.

Hi Bill,


Would you consider selling the 6302 and 6303?


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