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I'm guessing there's not much interest in this older type of thing, but I just received this in the mail:


It came with these Lobaugh (?) trucks, but there seems to be a short with them for some reason, so I put some Graceline trucks on for the time being.

Nice, heavy car and another example of the vintage O scale I am (for whatever reason) drawn to...

Mark in Oregon


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@PRRMP54 posted:

Check the Lobaugh trucks; one of two possibilities:

1. non-insulated axles

2. insulated axles but the one axle in each truck reversed.

3. The Graceline trucks look more appropriate for that car, at least to me.

1. That was the first thing I checked; they are insulated.

2. That was the second thing I checked.     Could it be that the brass bolsters need to have an insulated washer on one side? I have not seen that before...

3. I agree. The Lobaughs look kinda like an arch-bar hybrid.

Glad to see this received a little interest...

Mark in Oregon

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