well last year show was really fun. The following luncheon at the nearby upscale diner was really enjoyable with all that attended. Lots of good conversations and sharing were had.

this year's Westchester toy and train  show is November 17th.

note: This date will not divide us between Big E as last year. 

Who is down to attend show and late lunch?

Arnold, Melgar and model railroad associates, lets do this thing again, encore!

anyone interested?

looking forward to seeing everyone!

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Arnold and I have discussed and are planning to attend and organize a meeting for lunch across the street - just as last year. There may be more than one date for the Westchester show so will have to check it out - which we haven't done yet. Looking forward to seeing the usual suspects again.


I'll definitely be at the Westchester train show and luncheon, whatever the date it takes place.

It will be great fun.

Leroof, since you're coming all the way from Maine, you and your wife are welcome to stay over at my house as you have done before.


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Looks like I will still be in Westchester on the 17th, so please count me in. 
P.S. I call dibs on Tom P’s extra chair   


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