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Just purchased an empty Lionel basket weave set (outfit) box E1020 and trying to determine the correct postwar Lionel contents. This would be a fun York project, what I know or think so far:

1. Box is a two tier basket weave design (1956 thru 1958 standard issue).

2. Small Western Auto price tag ($33.33)...

3. It is not from 1956. I was able to Google a 56 catalog online, train ID numbers were E5000 +.

4. Assuming E1020 ID is from 1957 or 1958...

5 Assuming motive power to be a 2018 or 2037 stream engine or possibly a 600 series or a 200 series or a 44 ton diesel based on sticker price...

Any information from Western Auto Christmas catalogs or previous postwar experience would be appreciated, thanks.








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