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The POLES on the Western Hobbycraft trolleys and their rooftop bases are designed and  insulated to run off overhead trolley wire in either 2 RAIL versions and 3 RAIL versions.  I have both versions of those cars.  In the 3 rail version, you just wire up both the poles to the same place the wires from the rollers go to in the motor-electrtical circuit. 


The two trolley poles (using one at a time when, and it being up at rear end of car in direction of running) collecting current from overhead wire are just like the truck rollers on center 3rd rail of the track -- and both should direct their current collected to the same point on the electrical circuit.


regards - Joe F

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I really like the three WHC units that I have. 


Just to add to what Joseph Frank posted. The poles (trolley) are not wired out of the box for overhead running, but can be made to do so. 


Its not just a flip of a switch to engage the overhead power.


The poles are no longer available so if you do get a unit, be very careful not to break or lose them. They are finely detailed and easy to break, I know, I broke one.


Enjoy them, hopefully one of the current manufactures will pick-up the tooling and run a new batch with updated electronics.





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