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This was originally the Lionel WM Freight Set, 6-11749 (Service Station Set), featuring Diesel, caboose, and 6 hoppers, 2 black with coal loads, and 4 gray with hatches. All hoppers are consecutively numbered.6C549048-C0BF-418B-910B-9B0669B4BD243C07507E-DEA7-4BAD-A361-8662D2EEE38920BC3671-73FF-4B9F-916E-27EAB68AB2BA16664CF6-6950-4356-A552-D5B5FDFAD46B0D09F3F8-547C-4383-9243-902367A1E9BA1D775734-75AA-4616-B9B4-4138BF24321C3231175F-4666-41A5-B499-FD56A0E18B95 Diesel and caboose were parted out, and the additional 2 pack of black hoppers with coal loads was added. MTH caboose was added. There is NO locomotive. I don’t remember if this set was ever run, so I’ll call it LN, instead of MOB. $250, plus actual shipping in set box.


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  • 6C549048-C0BF-418B-910B-9B0669B4BD24
  • 3C07507E-DEA7-4BAD-A361-8662D2EEE389
  • 20BC3671-73FF-4B9F-916E-27EAB68AB2BA
  • 16664CF6-6950-4356-A552-D5B5FDFAD46B
  • 0D09F3F8-547C-4383-9243-902367A1E9BA
  • 1D775734-75AA-4616-B9B4-4138BF24321C
  • 3231175F-4666-41A5-B499-FD56A0E18B95
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