With a say in place going on,what a nice time to have a layout with plenty of action on it,by means of moving stuff around. And for everybody still with plenty of projects to do,you got plenty of time.

The funny thing is,there's been so many thread's over the years about how you almost have to beg family and friends to come over,or you have given up pretty much asking,so we all end up (or down there) by ourselves. So this is just great.  No different than any other time,except you have more of it. After my stroke,it took some of the passion for it away,but it's still there somewhat ,and it all work's so why not enjoy it

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Joe, you are so right, this is a terrible time but if you have a hobby like this you are lucky.  I also took some time away but a layout doesn't care, it will wait until you are ready again.

Fellows, I agree wholeheartedly that this is a good time to work on our model railroads, except for one thing, it’s spring here in Tennessee and the trees are turning green, and the grass is growing. We’ve mowed our yard 4 times already this year. On rainy days, it’s work on the railroad. Sidehack, I love your layout, Transman, great topic, glad you are over your stroke, post some pictures of your layout.  This coronavirus is bad, so we need to be very careful where we go, so, stay safe, stay healthy, Pray for Our Country, in Hopes of medical solution to this hidden enemy, and enjoy your family and your trains.  I am so glad we have this OGR Forum to communicate with our friends in the hobby. Happy Railroading 

One thing I forgot earlier, I have been blessed as many folks have visited my home to see the model railroad, lots of friends here on the OGR Forum, even dealers. I like to see their eyes when they come down the stairs to my railroad room. The LGB train coming through the wall really is an exciting view to most folks. Then, they are amazed at the O Guage layout. So, after this hidden coronavirus is over, invite your friends and your local friends in the hobby to come visit. Great thread, a fun time for us model railroaders.   

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During this time of self-imposed isolation and social distancing, our train layouts become pro-actively therapuetic - a safe place to be while enjoying the world's greatest hobby.  Like many others, I consider my layout "finished," but nowadays I'm thinking of new things to do.  I'm now making a track-cleaning car based on a concept shared recently by an OGR member. I'm also tweaking the operation of two action accessories previously set aside because they were sluggish.  I will soon shelf-mount two additional trains for display in my train room - another "rainy day" mini-project brought forward.

I took lots of pix during the two-year time span while my layout was under construction. Now is a good time to take a fresh batch of photos as an album with images of all the scenes of the finished project. Maybe some videos also.

Keep busy and stay safe,

Mike Mottler    LCCA 12394

Joe, you're post is right on target. We have so much to be thankful for.

I actually don't have any more time to work on the layout though...as my employer keeps me busy working at home. It is much more efficient working from home...but it saps my energy just the same so layout time is not really any greater. But, it sure is nice to be able to ramble down the basement for a break and just survey what's going on and what needs to be done.

I relate to your situation about getting friends and family to come over...even before the health crisis people just didn't want to make the drive to come over. Everyone seems to be so wrapped up and fussing around with this or that. Its a different era than why I grew up...maybe different values I am not sure.

 I'm a pre-crisis massive shut in too🤔  I was living alone and on hands and knees anyhow, and the train track box was on the closet floor.  I.e. I couldn't reach or handle much else; i thank God they were there.

Yep, now they want to visit and can't..  (or they (still) want to be left alone to be on their phone 24/7)

I thought I might put a couple of reverse loops and one long straight outside on nice days for the all of "the walker's" kids to see as they pass; but I already have to walk the dog at night now as yesterday women keep trying to come up close and pet him, talk to me, etc..  (**** these good looks)  I need a mask to draw monster teeth on 

Torn diaphragm is still here; better, with rib "grab" every breath; so I don't really need to talk to ANYONE ... and if I was in my old low buck neighborhood I know I could trust folks more about personal space and would at least move the 4x9 living room layout over to the bay window for them. Maybe even lower it a foot.  I think I'd have steamed glass and fingerprints here.

This is frustrating my want to make folks grin more than anything. I was already ready for any time alone

Yeah, this is a very good point. In all seriousness, have spoken to a few friends and co-workers who have lamented about a lack of "real" things to do. Having a hobby (if you want to call it that)  like model trains or some other interest that you can do indoors is a genuine blessing.

My father always said, "everyone should have a hobby." In other words, something to let you use your mind, hands, and creativity to occupy some of your time and provide a brief escape from all that other stuff.


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I am glad that I have my trains and a layout up and running.  There is always something that can be done and watching the trains and switching cars around adding or removing buildings and other things.  Sure beats the boob tube most of the time. 

Like Johnstrains mentioned above, I too have talked to friends and they are also miffed at the lack of "real" things to do. It is a truly a blessing to have a hobby such as model railroading during this time. Now that I am home for the foreseeable future, I plan to accomplish many projects that were on the backburner. Hope everyone stays safe and healthy!



Being retired building the model railroad framework, designing the track layout including grade elevations, scratch building 3 bridges ( 2 truss and 1 plate girder)  from basswood, wiring tortouse switch motors, wiring the layout, building Intermountain and Red Caboose kits are keeping me busy on a daily basis. With all the social issues including the current coronavirus I consider this hobby as a mental health reprieve.

To quote a book I didn't like much "Tis the best of times, tis the worst of times". I finished the benchwork for the layout and finally got a track plan I liked and knew what I needed.....and then the mess hit.  I am fortunate I have a job, likely will have one for the foreseeable future and am able to work from home (and I also am grateful to those who are keeping things going  and risking themselves to do it, I think of them all the time). Given other financial committments I have to my family and uncertainty over the future, it is hard for me to put out significant funds for the track I need.

The other part is I told myself that without the long commute I have each day, that I would have the time and energy to do things  like work on the layout. Funny part is I work longer hours from home then I do in the office (leaving  out the commute), and by the end of the day between work and the general tension around things with everything going on, I don't really have the energy or spirit to work on it, I am as tired as when I commute. Good news it is sitting and waiting and I at least can do planning for it, think about what I want



I have had some form of a layout in our home since my wife and I purchased it back in 1974.  Over the years when faced with troubling times, and there were many, being able to escape to the basement and immerse myself in plannning, building and expanding my layouts freed me from the inner tensions of the times, kept my head clear and lowered my blood pressure.  Now all of those personal difficulties which at the time I believed were so significant are dwarfed by this great global crisis we are struggling with.  Nevertheless,  the ability to lose myself in the planning, refinement and revision of my layout has once again proved its value.  Operating the trains alone is incredible therapy.  What a great diversion.  Those of us who are so heavily invested in this wonderful hobby are very fortunate indeed.  Like other posters I know of many who are being swallowed up by the depressing news which is being broadcast continuously throughout the day because they have no hobby or outside interests.   My Father and Grandfather were instrumental in introducing me to toy/model trains and I am so thankful they did.  Stay healthy and safe everyone.    

OKHiker,(and everybody else) very well put.We all have something that most people don't understand,and a majority of us spend most of our time in the train room by ourselves.So this is sort business as usual,just more of it by force

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