What am I missing? MTH DCS ISSUE

Hi tech gurus,

I have a MTH premier gp9 with 3 v ps2 circa 2006 and it is giving me fits!

Loco has BCR installed

Loco in conventional works correctly & sounds work

when in command I have no sound and terrible slow throttle responses

I have deleted loco and reloaded it in to DCS

I have done hard reset and no change

Hand held gives     loco not on track and out of range messages

Loco is on our club layout so I cant try things till this weekend

Is board bad, or is it just a setting issue ?

No one at club has much MTH DCS experience when it comes to issues, I've been reading manual but to no avail!!!

Help please,


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Well? an engine that not receiving commands or replying properly can do this. It's easier for a tech to check the board in a test rig to see what's happening or if anything is going on the board. How handy are you with the electronics?

How old is that BCR? does it play full shut down sounds when the power is killed? a dead battery causes all kinds of grief. So does a bad BCR.

What kind of track signal do you have with other engines?  & with this one?

" on Sour mash and cheap wine " ??

Why go back to DCC when I have DCS!

 Track voltage and the DCS signal are 2 entirely different things even though the share a common wire.  Which may explain why it runs great varying the voltage in conventional mode. Not so good in command where you are relying on the track signal to send commands. The erratic running and other issues sound more like a signal issue. Try doing a signal test after you get the engine moving.  The fact that you mention it's a club layout and there isn't much experience with DCS.  Is anyone else running a DCS engine with no issues ? Where it's a  club layout. Was it wired to incorporate DCS such as creating blocks ?

 Not sure. But have you tried turning up the volume using the button on the remote. The engine will run silently in stealth mode.  The volume pot controls the volume in conventional.  I think it's possible you could have the volume off in the remote and you need to push the button a few times to bring it up.



Other MTH locos run properly

my loco ran properly then started acting poorly

hand held and tui  and loco are less then 6 ft apart so in this case layout size doesn't matter!!

Pushed multiple buttons multiple times to no avail....

I will check signal strength and bcr this wkend

thanks for the ideas

  Where the engine ran properly at one time on the same layout and assuming nothing changed on it as far as wiring. Did anything change as far as the consist it was pulling. Some lighted passenger cars or a caboose can cause issues with the signal. Even a TMCC sharing the same block.

Hi all ,

Over the weekend I ran loco

It started up and all functions worked properly

BCR runs shut down sequence

It ran flawlessly for 45 to 50 minutes

It then became "locked up" ,it continued to run but couldn't blow horn or stop engine via handheld

I had to kill power to rails to stop it  After that loco was dead and"loco not on track" message appeared

I'm thinking a issue with board once it" warms up"?

Any thoughts would be appreciated!!


If this is confined to this engine and other engines operate fine on layout, make sure wheels cleaned and pickup rollers good.  Clean between roller and pin with an electric contact cleaner and oil.  If no improvement the engine needs to be opened and inspected for wire damage from center pickup roller.  If signs of overheating and melted red insulation, the Power Supply board on the 3V system may have been damaged.  This is repairable.  G

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