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Post War O-22,  Best choice.  Can be had for $10 bucks sometimes, take 'em apart , clean 'em up, almost bulletproof !

I have 2 Lionel 5132 switches that were made in Honk Kong,  Got them about 40 years ago and have had no problems.

I bought 3 brand new O-22 switches, made in China back in 2009, Junk !   Had track down and ballasted, had to rip 'em out, and replaced them with some old O-22 switches.    The electric contacts for the non-derail was cheap tinfoil, which wore out after only a few months.


022s are one of my favorite topics.

I have 16 Postwar 022 switches (that are remote control) and 3 Postwar manual control switches on my layout. All have worked great since I built the layout about 25 years ago.

Besides working great, I also love the look of them, eventhough they have a toy-like appearance.

Another nice feature is that I have them set up so that when the green lantern faces me, the train will go straight; and when the red lantern faces me, the train will take the curve. I always know where my train is going. Arnold

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