What are the differences between the Lionel, Atlas and 3rd Rail F7's

What are the differences between the Lionel (Legacy) F7 , Atlas (3 rail TMCC) F7 and 3rd Rail (3 rail TMCC) F7?

I haven't seen any of them in person and the only thing thing I aware of is the Lionel has whistle steam.

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John Graser posted:

Both, I am looking into the Santa Fe units.

OK. The Lionel units obviously are Legacy control, while the Atlas and Sunset/3rd Rail are TMCC by Electric Railroad (cruise commander).

Concerning the various opinions of details between the Lionel, Atlas and Sunset/3rd Rail, you might want to use the Advanced SEARCH function, as there have been countless discussions/opinions on all three brands (especially on the 3RS Forum, as I recall).

Lionel does not have the stainless steel simulated plated sides.  3rd Rail and Atlas have been debated a lot on the forum as noted above, but the main difference there is the Atlas version has vertical can motors to each truck like most manufacturers, while the 3rd Rail version has the large horizontal can motor driving all wheels through a worm.  It has a more realistic top speed and is better at slow speed running.  It also cost more. 

I won't wade into the debate more than that as I'm biased on my selection.

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