what are the most realistic o scale workers

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Just for some extra variety, here’s the 1:43 metal Omen (get it?) line from Britain. Pricey but pretty cool.

"hey buddy, NO clownin around near the trains"


Operator of the Southern Railway System.

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I have about 6 figures that were 1/48 Military figures. At first I used heads with optional helmet or caps. Slicing the helmets and adding a brim (or picking heads that had caps,) to make them caps. Using various arms and legs I was able to configure figures as I wanted them to be posed. Painted, etc. they no longer look military. Also check out Revels or other makers car 1/48 kits which have some great figures also that come with the kits.  Also changing colors on Arista give you more options to add figures. As to faces, they can be improved with a small brush and even a wash.

martyr, yes and thank you. I built all the building on my layout. A few are scratch built and others highly modified like the theater. It started life as a three story kit with no real sides or back. I cut it down to two stories to fit in with the other buildings and made walls and a back.Miller Engineering did all the neon. DonDSC_0046 33-D WET Movie


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