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I was very happy to see Mr Muffins is doing some custom runs of the 2-8-0 steam locomotives in the Lionel V2 2021 catalog. I just pre-ordered the L&N. I hope Mr Muffins gets enough pre-orders for me to get the L&N one.

And I am strongly considering the hobo boxcar, though I wish it were offered in more southern railroad options.

Love the Strassburg #90, but the minimum radius and really high price stand in the way for it to happen for me.

Thinking about C-Liner(s) and New Haven passenger cars.  Will need some more shelving .  $500 each for the locos and $150 each for passenger cars is pretty much the going rate from Charles Ro on pre-orders, but they don't charge until they ship, which is the only way I'd pre-order.  Not inexpensive, but not ungodly expensive for a Legacy loco and passenger cars these days.  And not strikingly more expensive than the Premier locos these days from MTH.  And MTH doesn't have the overhead any longer of running a full line, full service train company


Items over the 60’ mark look odd in O scale to me unless you have a large layout to support it. Still waiting for the last delayed offerings to appear. CNJ Kitchen car and Roof hatch C of G.

Going forward, I would have to see new boxcar tooling before I would support these price increases. It would be a “must have” new item never offered in O before. Muffin is on track with items like an EL transition scheme line up and Pats CNJ RS-1 which both should have been offered years ago by MTH.

Thought about the Amtrak units, but don't think I'd be satisfied with the look of the LC versions.   So only thing so far is the special run Southern 2-8-0 from Legacy Station.   Previous catalog I pre-ordered nothing, then after seeing the Southern E8's kind of regretted it, but a local train shop had the set, price was ok.

@paul 2 posted:

I ordered the Canadian National C liner, both numbers. All the Hy cube box cars minus graffitti. And both hobo box cars............................Paul 2

I also ordered a C liner, but only 6705. With a Canadian National F3 pair soon to arrive from 3rd Rail, I had to tell myself to only order 1. Ironically I had ordered the MTH set back around 2002, but cancelled.

Im looking at the FM C-Liner demonstrators

PRR SD45 Superbase unit

EMD Demo Superbase unit

Ford and Ann Arbor Autoparts behemoths

PRR 1890 passenger set.

Im "on the fence" about #90 with red& gold rail logo and 1990's open end passenger set.

Since Murphy is my Gov, I know from experience the PRR and Strasburg RR set will arrive the same time. And thats a 2k hit for The pax sets that I really can't take a hit all at once!

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