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I think I've tried all the major brands available at Walmart/Lowes. I've tried Gorilla Super Glue - very stringy, and difficult to dispense, gets everywhere. Gorilla Super glue gel - a bit better but still challenging to dispense. Regular superglue, similar issues; superglue gel - a bit better.

Ideally, a good bonding glue that sets within a minute and easy to dispense would be ideal = small diameter dispensing tip is a must for me. Is there such a glue, if so, where to buy? Am guessing they're all toxic, so there's no workaround to that...just have to work in small batches.

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Robart's Zap CAs have multiple thicknesses.  Thin is watery, flows fast, and dries quick (still have some on my fingers).  Thick is quite slow to cure, longer than you'd be willing to hold it in place manually., but it bridges small gaps.  I keep the three that come in bottles around.  Hobbytown USA carries them.

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I've given up on most of them as too runny, too quick setting, etc. Loctite 380 has since become my favorite for almost all super glue applications. 90 second work time, 60 minutes cure time, overnight cure time for a bond that requires a saw to undo. I buy the very small tubes and keep an extra in the fridge in a pill bottle. I get it from Granger's (about $7 for a small tube) or order it from Zorro (more expensive). It is distributed in the industrial channel and not in the big box, hardware, or automotive channels - hint, don't waste your time looking there.

This is expensive

but it works

I first learned of it at a GATS..

The seller glued a dollar coin to the floor

it was fun watching people try to pick it up

also, people were bringing him train items to glue-and every item I saw him repair looked good

what sold me was when he cut a serpentine belt and then glued it back together-and I couldn’t easily find the cut much less pull it apart

my last bottle, lasted over 2 years.

Disclaimer: I am in no way affiliated with this company; I get no benefit from any sale.

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