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Why did it take 2 1/2 days to update the Warrenville zoo?  There was an issue with the plastic used in the fencing I modified for the cages.

Except for the glue (and even that provided a weak bond) shown in the bottom left of this photo, nothing stuck to the fencing shown on the bottom right. All of the other glues shown failed - green and red Testor's plastic model glue, epoxy, super glue, hot glue, plastic weld, etc.

WHAT the heck kind of plastic is it (bottom right in the photo)!



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@Artie-DL&W posted:

Hi John, just a thought-did you scrap off the paint in the area to be glued? I was convinced to try JB Weld by gunrunnerjohn, to repair a part on my Aristocraft diesel, and it worked well.

Let us know what worked!

There was no paint on it Artie, and I did scuff up the areas to be glued first.  My next step was going to try a primer paint on it before gluing.

I've used Dupli-color CP199 Clear Adhesion Promoter Primer with excellent results.   I found it in the auto parts stores and I believe it was available on your favorite internet  mail order sites.

It comes in a spray can .  I spray a little in a small metal container and apply with a swab.   

It softens the surface ofplastic and leaves a CLEAR primer surface.  I never had any type of plastic that it didn't work on in auto ,motorcycle and household projects.

Read instructions on the can  for best results.   

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