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finally got a couple of item I have long been looking to find at the right price. First a Marklin ho roundhouse section for $15 and next the popular Revell (AHM) two stall engine house!  Now if only I habe some ho space.... I know the old Minikits series is not so popular, I love em and the Marklin roundhouse section is just what I needed for my turntable! It’s a bit rough, but that’s perfect for me.



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For some reason, the text didn't "take."

I spent $5 US at an open-air market here in Mexico and got these nine items. Some will go into my Underwater Kingdom: a new villain for Baron Barracuda's forces, and two recruits for the Mexican Navy. I also got items for my future Disney display and 2019 Christmas lay-out. Although I don't like Thomas the Tank Engine, the kids do--Thomas items are expensive in Mexico, so  I grab them when they're cheap for a future Sodor Island display.

At the recent show in Urbana, IL, I scored a couple HO scale brass items for super low prices.  First find, as I was carrying in my live steam G scale to our layout was an Overland Models IC SD70 "death star", factory painted, lighted, serial number 32 of 55.  This was before the show opened to the public.  Guy was downsizing his collection, the model was burried at the bottom of a pile of other brand engine boxes, I spied the green box as I was carrying in my stuff, got that model for $200.   After the lunch hour, I was walking around with the little bit of spending $$ I had left and found a PFM/GOM brass DRGW caboose in its box for $18.  I have redecaled it for the IC as proper IC cabooses are expensive and hard to find in the brass world.  Mike the Aspie



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I just bought 2 MTH big boys (20-3807-1 and 20-3808-1). I am mostly a lionel collector, so these are my very first MTH steam engines. They won't be delivered until the end of August 2021 so it will be a while. Since MTH is closing, my understanding is they will be shipped to Mike Wolf's house (get it... Mikes Train HOUSE, haha). And he will ship out from there.

Thanks, TrainFinder Craig

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