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Arnold D. Cribari posted:

Interesting for me to see painted figures in passenger cars, which I have never done. However, I am on the lookout for nice, economical painted figures that are sitting.

This is why:


As you can see, I have a long way to go in order to fill the bleachers in my 2 baseball stadiums. LOL, Arnold

Well, Arnold, if you lower your ticket prices, “they will come”  

Vincent Massi posted:
leapinlarry posted:

Vincent Massi, I like your unique trains, are they LEGO? They are very colorful and fun to see. Give a little more information. Thank you.




Larry, the one train I assembled today is an L gauge Lego train. The other two I have running are HO. I have considered starting a thread on L gauge trains, which I THINK Lego has abandoned.

L gauge is 17% wider than O gauge, yet its curves are so tight that an L gauge oval is only slightly larger than an HO oval. You lose realism in exchange for flexibility (If you don't like any of the railcars, use your Legos to assemble them differently). Tracks are FAR cheaper than regular tracks because they have no electricity. The locos are run by 6 AAA rechargeable batteries and are radio-controlled.

Lego made three powered sets (One has a powered tender that pushes the steam locomotive) and a Hong Kong knock-off company made a very nice unpowered steam loco that I assembled.

My small house has a 6' by 8' train table, so I have to use HO and N scale rather than O. However, the tighter curves of L gauge track make the larger trains possible.

Larry, thank you for asking.  I thought one train looks like LEGO.  

Vincent, so you said L scale is discontinued.  What scale are LEGO trains they sell now?

Larry, your more then welcome, its easy to make nice comments on your layout as it is one of the nicest ones I have seen! I can tell you put a lot of time into it! I am working on getting fixed pilots on my dummy ES44 right now so I can move on to something else. I am not sure what is next, but will keep you posted!

John wonderful job on the passenger cars! The pictures were nice and clear, maybe you need to take more breaks! LOL

Strap Hanger & Sidehack, great job on the pallets!

Arnold, great looking ball parks! Maybe if you offered free hat night or something like that you would get more people!

Vincent, nice job with the lego's! I don't thing I could do that as sometimes I have a shot temper! LOL

I hope everyone has a great day and enjoys time with there layout!

Before putting my Polar Express set away for another year I had to fix two issues with the observation car.

1- the lights kept flickering so I had two options, buy GRJ's passenger car cap kits, or go low tech and clean and tighten the wipers on the axles. Went with option 2 for now.
2- glue the &%$### observation deck on the back of the car so it doesn't keep falling off

Then I removed a trespasser from the layout

2020-01-12 13.47.442020-01-12 13.48.40

Happy Monday


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  • 2020-01-12 13.48.40

I know what you mean about that observation deck, Bob!  It would fall loose but not completely down just running around the track on my old conventional set.  I sold it when I bought the LC set two years ago, and wondered if they would have done something different, but no it was the same.  All I can think of is they want it separate for shipping so it doesn't break off.  

I recall having a similar trespasser on my layout when I was a teenager.  My sister's cat would jump up until I moved the layout to a higher table in the basement.  My wife is a dog person, not a cat person, so we have not had any Catzillas since!

Three day report here.

In the past 56 hours, I removed the second level again.  I had to move a curve further from a wall.  I replaced the control wiring on two more switches.  I put a momentary switch for track power to two new spurs.  I modified the North end and wired two lighted buildings.  I put updated liquid smoke parts in my PW #736 and #671.   Lots of smoke from both.  Today will install my radio tower and a Lionel switch tower.

Gee, seven sentences does not seem like much words to describe what I accomplished.  Maybe I'll just run some 70 year old chain smokers.  I know.  I'll hook a prewar tender to #736 and pull some really old stuff!


Vincent Massi posted:
Mark Boyce posted:




Vincent, so you said L scale is discontinued.  What scale are LEGO trains they sell now?

I'm not sure that it is discontinued, but the Lego store we visited last week did not have any of them. Lego has not posted any plans to make new ones. However, if you go to the Lego online store, you can still buy them.

Okay, now I understand.  I didn't read correctly!! 

Bill, It sounds like you accomplished a lot!  Get something right before you move on in the way to do.  " 70 year old chain smokers"!  I never heard it that way, but you are correct!  Have fun running trains!

Mike,  I took your advice and rested my eyes today. I am taking Mom for a drive through the Cleveland Metroparks to Berea Station to see the NS and CSX tracks and hopefully some trains. Mom has been very patient with my detailing of the passenger cars.  She will sit and watch me work, but not for long. The cure for cabin fever is a nice car ride and a hotdog and hot fudge sundae from Dairy Queen.

Carl,  I honestly have lost track of the number of people I painted. The total was at 3,500 a year ago.  I bought 15 more boxes of 36 Preiser 65602 seated people in 2019 to go with five I already owned, but had not painted.  I also had some boxes from the previous painting sessions.  I stocked up on the Preiser 65602 people because they had been unavailable for a year or so in 2016.

Larry,  I like your passenger cars.  The layout at night looks very good.  I like to watch my passenger trains snake their way around my Valley of Bridges layout in the dark. I may never finish my layout, but at least I have a place to run my trains.

Mark,  I am doing my caregiver duties today with a ride in the park for Mom.  She deserves some fun at age 93. Trains and ice cream, at least the ice cream and a hot dog, make her happy.

Sincerely, John Rowlen


I applaud you for caring for your Mum.  Today is a beautiful day here in Butler, so I am sure it is also in the Cleveland area!!  I am taking a break from paper and computer work for my 94-year old aunt, who is now in a nursing home.  My Mum and Dad are both 89, and confined in a personal care home, but contented.  Mum can no longer get in and out of my car, so I only go visit but can't take her on outings!  Dad could get out, but refuses to leave her alone.  It is the least we can do for those who did so much for us!!

Mark Boyce posted:
geysergazer posted:
Guitarmike posted:
geysergazer posted:

Today the Postman dropped off a box and I unpacked it. This beauty was inside:


After changing out the couplers to the hidden-tab type (I have standardized on them because the remote-uncouplers&car-stoppers are spaced accordingly) the new car went into the interchange yard (fiddle yard).

This pic is for Mark:


"built by Pullman Standard Butler, Pa" 

I like the level of detailing on these MTH PS-2CD cars, nice paintwork&lettering but not too delicate for old arthritic hands to handle without [too much] damage. 

This car fits into my developing scheme of having a car on the PER for each road I have ridden. Still need Reading, Western Pacific, Mopac and Amtrak. Some small lines like the Apache railroad (White Mountains of Aridzona), the East Broad Top, the Penn View Mountain Railroad (Blairsville, Pa) and the Oil Creek & Titusville prolly not gonna' happen.

That looks like it says “Putler” not Butler.....😜

Ha! You are so right:


It's a typogorical.  Oooooes! I wonder if that makes this car a rare collectible like those PW Lionel "production mistakes"?  Mebbe worth $$....A VL BB in my future?? 



When you sell it for a million, zillion, don’t forget my finders fee!

Today the Postal person dropped of my LOTS Convention car from last year. I like the color and graphics. I managed to take a small wall down in the back of the basement. That made it easier to walk through the back. I am still working on cleaning off the table. Guess I have to push a bit harder to get it done since I am having a few guys over on Sturday from the NE group. I am sort of surprised Bryan has not been woprking on me like I worked on him. Anyways here is a pic of the car.................Paul 2



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LeapinLarry : thanks for the invitation to TN, wife and I travel from Tx to Ga 2x per year so might just make a side trip to Tn would love to see that great layout in real life!  My layout work today was again related to train room.  I thought I had all the periodicals and catalogs under control but this morning the COO reminded me that I had a few stacks in places other than the train room !   So I finally did finish up that work today...

As an aside, early this cold morning, my commuters and the traveling salesmen were braving the weather to head to the platform to catch the "small town" to "big city" local.  Yup - just another Monday!


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Don MCERLEAN, You are always welcome to visit us here in Clarksville, Tennessee, 3 miles from Ft. Campbell, 101st Airborne, on the Kentucky/Tennessee border. I apologize for not getting my pictures ready of my book/catalog inventory, my wife had other chores for me to do, and of course, the NFL Football playoffs. Hopefully I can do that tomorrow, today being doctor visit day. Your train room is very nice, and your layout is really interesting.  If you do come visit, bring an engine of your choice, and you can run a train on my layout, I have 4 complete circuits that will allow us to intermingle trains via 2 different helixes going to all 4 levels of my layout. Last Friday, Owen Fox came over from Nashville and we ran his new NC&ST St.L Legacy Mountain Steamer. Lionel put a super smoke unit in this engine. Happy Railroading D820BB9E-EAB1-4586-9540-FCDA44017E7444D2A0E6-F3B6-4062-87D3-0CFC150D2B01007AA938-6B13-496B-B8BE-08F56EE29E3F612CBC05-5C9D-484E-B0B4-3DD81195EB554AFFE579-E2D2-4ACE-9B60-78E1DCAFD8A2CEE71ED9-5DDA-495B-8513-7D7E020FD577


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  • D820BB9E-EAB1-4586-9540-FCDA44017E74
  • 44D2A0E6-F3B6-4062-87D3-0CFC150D2B01
  • 007AA938-6B13-496B-B8BE-08F56EE29E3F
  • 612CBC05-5C9D-484E-B0B4-3DD81195EB55
  • 4AFFE579-E2D2-4ACE-9B60-78E1DCAFD8A2
  • CEE71ED9-5DDA-495B-8513-7D7E020FD577

Spent some time fitting ,cutting and glueing some Styrofoam support sections for the coming scenery. Will apply the plaster cloth  over the styrofoamto create the terraion base later this week as wirk with the support structures progresses. Also my Mrs may be interested in doing some backdrop painting so could ne even some more progress with a artner in crime here. 

RSJB18 posted:

Before putting my Polar Express set away for another year I had to fix two issues with the observation car.

1- the lights kept flickering so I had two options, buy GRJ's passenger car cap kits, or go low tech and clean and tighten the wipers on the axles. Went with option 2 for now.
2- glue the &%$### observation deck on the back of the car so it doesn't keep falling off

Then I removed a trespasser from the layout

2020-01-12 13.47.442020-01-12 13.48.40

Happy Monday

I can relate.

Chaz Walking on Track [3)Chaz Walking on Track [2)Chaz Walking on Track [1)Chaz Laying on Track


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  • Chaz Walking on Track (3)
  • Chaz Walking on Track (2)
  • Chaz Walking on Track (1)
  • Chaz Laying on Track

Don MCERLEAN, this evening I will show you a few pictures of my back room. Where I have stored many of the original boxes, cartons, that go to my trains on the layout or are on display. Also, these boxes of the brochures and magazines of yesteryear, which needs to go to a new home some day. It is organized and labeled and I’m sure some of the newcomers to our Hobby might enjoy. This all began in 1994, and I also have a Lionel, MTH, K-Line, Atlas O, Catalog collection, it’s an Addiction. I hope everyone’s having a good week thus far. Happy Railroading.044287DC-193B-45E8-A6E2-DC43725C01F48F2BD270-54D0-4073-83E7-74592EEF0F1508BB4D51-4F9D-461C-B1F5-EACC14BB8A17D45AA773-DC9E-484C-A9EA-AF31A7F2F37143B37E44-BF56-41B0-92D6-55C1E292C85C


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  • 8F2BD270-54D0-4073-83E7-74592EEF0F15
  • 08BB4D51-4F9D-461C-B1F5-EACC14BB8A17
  • D45AA773-DC9E-484C-A9EA-AF31A7F2F371
  • 43B37E44-BF56-41B0-92D6-55C1E292C85C

What’d I do on the layout other than pack the books, I looked for all of  the Controls and directions to the MTH Passenger stations, and Baggage station. I’ve had them for many years, and all the necessary parts/directions have been found. Also, I took a few pictures showing my 60 amp electrical box that is designated to the layout. Also, some of the pictures and pins used on my girder looking bridgework for the passenger area. It’s all part of the Leapin Larry’s Looney Lines fun. It’s a 3 rail ball of enjoyment. Happy Railroading. Also, RJ Corman sent me a new 2020 Calendar, it’s pictured going through Nashville, Tennessee, 60 miles from my home. Unbelievable.60167FAD-4E8D-4294-9998-A0704538AC9D51301104-7633-45A6-B253-18563FECB84C6A1D6575-0C3F-4055-BA64-62F6155F9C9542D78E13-4AEE-40AE-91CF-C8C79E9B418D1A92A28B-A568-412A-8BB9-BC5A8A82964C604970BF-D458-43DF-A838-ADD90409B1C8820ED28C-7A65-449D-8C9A-67A055D4C62A


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  • 51301104-7633-45A6-B253-18563FECB84C
  • 6A1D6575-0C3F-4055-BA64-62F6155F9C95
  • 42D78E13-4AEE-40AE-91CF-C8C79E9B418D
  • 1A92A28B-A568-412A-8BB9-BC5A8A82964C
  • 604970BF-D458-43DF-A838-ADD90409B1C8
  • 820ED28C-7A65-449D-8C9A-67A055D4C62A

Slow Motion - Am I moving?

Tuesday I started the Lionel 21" Santa Fe Coach #3139 from the 1927020 2-pack, the 5th car on which I have worked.  With great enthusiasm I started painting only to discover that this car was going to take an extra coat of paint on the seats.  The mold releasing oil made the first coat on the seats look thin and transparent.  The second coat was still allowing too much bleed through.  By the third coat, I had what I would normally get in two.  After the fourth coat of tan, the seats looked much better, but still need some touch up for light spots.

The bathroom fixtures which were not part of the floor mold acted normally, requiring three coats of Testor's Flat Acryl White.

It's now 9:00 P.M. and this is all I have to show for a days work.  It is a nicely done car, but it took forever.  There is another coach in the 1927010 4-pack so I will start painting it tonight.  I want to place the people while viewing both cars to make sure I don't put the figures in the same spot, and that I have switched them to the opposite side of the car if possible.

Note: I started the coach from the 1927010 4-pack.  The left two seats in the last photo show the bleed through with one coat of tan paint. The other seats on the right have two coats. It will take three plus touch up on this coach car #3136.

Have a good night.

Sincerely, John Rowlen



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  • IMG_1236
  • IMG_1237
  • IMG_1239: Paint does not cover well, One coat leftm Two coats right.
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LEAPINLARRY : Great job on organizing the boxes etc...that is next for me after I play with the trains awhile!  Right now they are mostly under the layout - yes this makes it hard to troubleshoot, maintain, and fix wiring.   Your place looks great, just don't spend too much time looking at that "Playboy" mag however, yet at only 1$ a copy it must be an old one

My day turned out  to be disappointing.  I just got my first "Lion Chief" engine, a Jersey Central diesel.  I unpacked it from "Train World" and put it on the tracks.  Sound, lights all good but it made 3/4 of a loop around the layout and stopped, never to move again.  The entire gear drive on the motor truck stripped (with a load of only 4 of the "little" streamlined passenger cars on it).  The main gear from the motor no  longer meshes with the center gear that drives both of the truck wheels.  It appears that the entire gear set has just come off the drive,   Wow , what a disappointment.  I have engines nearly 100 years old that are still giving good service and this thing dies after 3 minutes and about 15 ft.  I  admit I was looking forward to trying some "command" control - now I am not sure its a good idea. Well we will see if that "warranty" means anything.




shhhh.    Don't say it out load and jinx me.  All twelve #O22 switches are working correctly.  I finally replaced all '50s rubber coated wire on the controllers.   It's amazing when the electrons go only where you want them.   The second level is in place again.  My Lionel radio station is wired.  I hope to install a 9VDC @ 2.5 AMP wall wart to run all LEDs tomorrow.  More attractive uprights also made the "to do" list. 

Once again, so few words, so much work.

"WHY?" you may ask, "did I spend a pleasant hour and a half assembling this bizarre-looking submarine from a Lego knock-off company?"

The same company puts out a $15 aircraft carrier, so I bought the $5 sub to see what kind of quality they have. Besides, I wanted the sub for my "Knights of Atlantis" lay-out.

Like most Lego knock-offs, there were problems with pieces not snapping together, even when properly aligned. (NEVER mix Legos with off-brands). There was one major mistake in the directions. But it turned out well, so I'll get the aircraft carrier.

My wife wanted to know if it would settle underwater. So I put it in the sink, where it fell on its side and stayed afloat.

SUNP0001          It looks pretty weird from a distance, but when you get close up----it still looks pretty weird.


Images (1)
  • SUNP0001

Double Vision - Two Santa Fe Coaches painted and ready for Preiser 65602 Seated People.

I finished painting the interior seats and restrooms on my 5th and 6th Lionel 21" Santa Fe Coaches #3139 an #3136.  I will start adding seated people to the cars in an attempt to keep the arrangement different from each other.  (I have two similar cars in Broadway Limited with the same figure in the same seat position that drives me nuts. That correction is on my to-do list.)

Here are a few pictures of the last two days painting with four coats of paint on the seats.  Note: It is the people that make the pictures interesting.

Sincerely, John Rowlen


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  • IMG_1244
  • IMG_1245
  • IMG_1246
  • IMG_1247

I replaced a modern era Lionel 5132 O gauge switch on my layout this morning with a more robust 022 post-war Lionel switch. I know a lot of people complained about the later era 5132 switches but I got 26 years service out of the one I just replaced so I can’t complain.  However, it never fails but when one of these goes they are always situated in the most difficult places to get to.  In my case, smack dab in the middle of my 8x20 layout’s rail yard and flanked by two other switches on either side.  I had one other go about five years ago in the same area.  Oh my aching back.image


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Vincent Massi posted:

OKHiker, that is one very realistic-looking lay-out.


Vincent,  thanks for the compliment.  I had a great time constructing it over the years and I guess it doesn't look too bad but when I compare it to some of the modeling wonders some of the absolute geniuses on this forum have put together it pales in comparison. 

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