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Well I didnt get anytime out in the train room today, but I did take a few photos of the cars my father in law gave me along with the church my mother in law gave me for the layout. I also have a few photos from our little trip to share.

Trainmaster,I am with Ray, WOW what a long train. But I have to say I really love both BNSF Trains!

Gandydancer, Very cool!

Scoutingdad, Very nice work! Really brings out the beauty of the BNSF engine!

Here are the photos! first up the autos. I hope you all enjoy


I hope to have more photos of layout work tomorrow. I hope you all had fun today!


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I  finished  the motor car shed and placed it on the layout at the yard limit sign. The motor car was one I bought from the C&O Historical  Society this summer. The motor car looked like it was laser printed and non functional and needed painted. My work is not as good as the great scenery I’ve witnessed on this forum, but I have fun. The shed is built from mini popsicle sticks from Hobby Lobby .C394EF43-1B65-4202-89F9-E2AA9EF2193C3F5EBD70-C6E7-4C4F-ACB6-CA70A97755943751A73C-5BDD-4B5E-96C1-E68B88E3EC83D5DED15D-281B-405A-BC03-E957C3F1D358


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Today I worked on two things, first with my dd in Oregon via pics and texts to create a little “fill” scene on my Petite Std. & O Halloween Layout. The area with the autos, particularly in front of them. The space gained ground cover, a parking lot, a pumpkin patch with headstones, kid peeps, and a spooky tree at the front edge. The “Park-In” Theater for this layout was also being worked on today too, albeit separately.  


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Had time this weekend to finish wiring track power bus and blocks, before sub-roadbed is installed.  I'm wiring for conventional cab-control with block selectors.  It's a semi-portable layout with 3 sections, so I've avoided star wiring to minimize section jumpers.  Thanks to everyone on the forum for all the great ideas.12x12 L - Pegboard power panel and wheeled control console12x12 L - 14ga track ground bus and block wiring completed12x12 L - Barrier strip jumpers between layout sections


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  • 12x12 L - Pegboard power panel and wheeled control console
  • 12x12 L - 14ga track ground bus and block wiring completed
  • 12x12 L - Barrier strip jumpers between layout sections

I added under layout lighting.  Super bright LED "commercial" Christmas light sets my daughter and I picked up at Home Depot right after Christmas last year for 50% off.  They actually seem to do the trick.  Not sure how their long term performance will be but attached them with Velcro strips from Menards -- so they are easily replaceable -- could add another type of light strip if these don't work out.


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I finally finished my first Halloween layout this weekend. Right now, it's a standalone deal, but my original thought was to eventually integrate it into my Christmas layout, as a kind of double-decker type thing. I'd still like to do that some day, but kept things pretty simple this time just to get it going. I built the 4x8 table to accommodate being mounted on two saw horses, and it's split down the middle for easier transport and storage. I enjoyed the project, but I can't see setting it up the same way again in the future. Getting tired of the loop!

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The “Park-In” Theater for my Petite Std. & O Halloween Layout is almost done. Lots of coats of primer and chrome and black paint were done today, and the four feet were cut. More painting and glueing in the am- so it will be completely done and on the layout very soon. This is 18 in tall, or 36 ft in Standard Gauge train scale.

How very Art Deco-ish!!! Looks great, but for Halloween, you really need to be showing a Boris Karloff, Bela Lugosi, or Lon Chaney flick

@Lou1985 posted:

How fast is that thing going? I think mine is moving pretty good at 50 scale MPH.

Since the video I painted the smokebox front "tarpon gray". Looks much better.


I really don't know what the scale mph. Due to I was running the locomotive in conventional. With that said, I would say she was going over 100 mph since the train next to it was going about 75 to 80 mph.

Got the inspiration for doing this from another thread and am pleased with the results. Removed the MTH open pilot and front coupler from my E6 and installed a Lionel closed pilot with a home made adapter plate. Took a few tries to get close enough on the home color mix for me to be satisfied but I like the end result.

Stay Safe,




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Bob, I am glad to see you back running trains and not having to work on buildings for a little while!

Scott, very impressive work!

Carey, Looks great, I really love the drive in!

Well folks I did get out to the train room today and started working on the right corner behind where the town will be going. Learned a great lesson, finish the outside work before moving inwards! I had  to remove everything from the town as not to break anything. I wanted to add a road up to the mountain as it didnt make sense that there was no way to get up there with a car, but they were already on top. Here is a photo of before and a couple after. I still have to make some rock molds and retaining walls before moving on.IMG_20201006_135108400IMG_20201026_165047703IMG_20201026_165052171IMG_20201026_165101120

I hope everyone has a great week and fun with there layout! Might be Friday before I get back to the layout.


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  • IMG_20201026_165101120

Looks good John!

I got out to the train room this morning@3:30 am just to try and get some work done. Got some more retaining wall made and painted, but still have more to do. Sorry no photos as I forgot before I had to leave. I will get some tomorrow.

I hope everyone is doing well and having fun with there layout!

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