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I believe that the SIRT had at least one ALCO s-2 1000 HP switcher on the railroad in the 1950s. It may have been former US Army surplus when acquired for the SIRT. Thinking these were painted a B&O Blue with yellow lettering. MTH did a Staten Island S-2 in SIRT livery. It had a yellow stripe . The following two photos show a Staten Island S-2 although these are Black and White. I think these photos date back to the 1960s. 












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The SIRT / B&O had (8) Alco S-2’s #’s 9026 to 9033 from the B&O R.R.

Early units had 3 digit numbers and were re-assigned 4 digit's in later years.


Additional B&O S2’s, Calf’s or S-4’s would help out from NJ to SI.   

A B&O S-4 was generally seen on work or R.o.W. trash trains.


When the MTA took over the B&O in the early 70’s, all operating S2’s were sent off island many to Ohio, replaced by an SW and GP-7 during the final days of S.I. freight / car float operation.

9027 & 31 were custom lettered in the later paint scheme with a large S & I in the side name.


The rare MTH unit is 2R capable by removing the rollers and sliding the built in slide switch for DC.

Forum members supplied the custom voices and local SI scripts in the sound set.

I would expect a re-release since the units sold out prior to hitting the market and are still sought after today.


All the SIRT history is on my site here –

Click ALL to see 351 photos.







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