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Right now I have the Legacy System, TPC 300, SC2(for accessories) and a DZ2001A Data Wire running DZ2500 switches. Everything works perfectly using my Cab2 remote. I know I need the LCS wifi unit,  but is there anything else I would need. My goal is to use the LSU software from my PC via wifi and also run the switches from my Ipad or the Cab2.  Thanks for any help.

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Marty correct me if I’m wrong but wouldn’t a SER2 also be required to run the TPC and DZ2001A data driver? I believe there was just recently a post mentioning that the base cannot run the LCS bus and any other devices. That’s why they added the SER2

You are correct  Good catch.

6-81326 LCS Serial Converter 2 (SER2) and an additional PDI cable of the length you need.

6-81500 -LCS 1’ to 1’ PDI cable
6-81501 - LCS 3’ to 3’ PDI cable
6-81502 - LCS 10’ to 10’ PDI cable
6-81503 - LCS 20’ to 20’ PDI cable

I don't know if the SER2 will work with the DZ2001A + DZ2500, but Lionel has the CSM2 specifically for DZ2500s.

Actually, I wouldn't count on the CSM2 to drive the serial data to the DZ-2500!  I went that route, and I had to retreat to the DZ-2001 for my layout.  This only happens once out of every five or six power on events, which had me going for a spell.  The SER2 also reportedly has an issue driving the DZ-2500, though I didn't actually try that.

I had occasion to chat with Jon Zahornacky, who you might know was formerly Lionel CTO.  Jon has an extensive layout with 60+ DZ-2500 switch machines.  When I couldn't get the CSM2 to properly drive the DZ-2500's, he informed me that he knew of the issue and had seen it as well.  It appears that if the CSM2 and DZ-2500 are powered up at the same time, something about the initialization of the CSM2 or DZ-2500 can cause the DZ-2500 switch machines to all lock up and ignore commands.  They won't even manually change with the switch machine manual button, they're frozen!  It's obviously some sort of timing issue because a subsequent power cycle will usually clear the condition and all is well, until the next power cycle.  After discussion, I think I have a solution, but I haven't spent the time to see if it will work.  My idea is to delay the power up of the DZ-2500's a couple of seconds after the CSM2 to allow the serial data to stabilize.  However, since the DZ-2001 works fine driving all my Z-2500's, it hasn't been a top priority item on my to-do list.

The reason I went with the CSM2 is I'm using the LCS on my iPad to control switches.  Without the feedback from the CSM2 as to the actual DZ-2500 switch position, I can't change the colors of routes to match what my desires are for the "normal" and "out" positions are.  I haven't wired the CSM2 inputs to each switch yet, and the color changes don't work, so I'm assuming that's required for them to indicate properly.  When my back gets better from the abuse my granddaughter put it to, I'll get down there and wire them in.

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