I received a section of sensor track when I purchased my VL Big Boy.  I now have other engines equipped with IR sensors.

I run Legacy through my MTH DCS.  I enter the information for the engines (sounds, control & etc.) when I assign the ID to the engines, or use supplied modules.   I do not have operating accessories that look for an engine on the track.  If I add the section, I need to dissect it to place the components in my Atlas track.


Is it worth it?  What would I get that I am not getting now?   If it is all the world, I would like to take advantage of any features I am missing. 


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Well, without the WiFi module, I'd probably say it's useful to automatically enter all the information for the locomotive as you run it across the track.  You can also program it to perform functions when a sensor equipped train runs across the track.  If you pick up some sensor cars, you can even control command switches when an MTH train crosses.

You have to use your imagination.

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