what do you miss at York that used to be there?

Charlienassau posted:

Moonson, they only had one hall ( blue) back then andit was first come, first served: we ran for the tables and claimed them.

Wow. That's some harsh......stuff.

What happened to a presenter who hadn't gotten to a table in time? Did he not off-load his wares and have to return home? That "system" sounds almost arbitrary and cold.

Here is my list of things I miss at York.

Loco Louies

Thursday at Fridays was a more social gathering since everyone tended to walk around.

Pat Trains (Yes he use to have a booth in Orange Hall)

MTH Repair Tent

Big Mo's train layout

K-Line (BTW they had the best train layout I have seen at York. It was in the room behind their booth and it was a complete city using superstreets..I wish we could have shot pictures and video in those days).

Scott Smith





Dunno what his official name was, but we called him 'Mr. Shakey'.....the lifesize figure in the conductor's uniform that stood at one corner of the Scenic Express booth.  The ol' geezer had the shakes and held a pan for 'tips'. 

I 'spect he lost his mojo somewhere along the line and was retired.  Or, maybe the fairground latrine attendants felt he was too competitive for the tips and had him....'dispatched'???

Poor guy.....they should have at least given him a stool to sit on for those long show hours.

Worse yet?......I'm starting to identify with the guy's attributes, too!  (NOT an offer to substitute, mind you!!!)


All things change and York is no exception. Over the years many manufactures, vendors and people have come and gone. In recent times I've missed the good people that are no longer with us and K-Line, the larger displays of MTH Lionel, Atlas, the older antiques and the availability of more scratch built stuff.

Builder of the Hill Lines ( New Delta Lines). Recreating history for the model RR community.

Nice that Arthur reminded us of our founder Lou Redmond, in that colorful "white suit" he used to wear. You wonder what he really thought. "Isn't this great" vs "Have I created a monster?" Ha ha

And how about the free donuts that K-Line used to hand out in the Purple Hall on Friday morning? Gone with the wind...

And the "crush" in the Blue Hall, "the gold mine" as my family used to call it, "where all the good stuff is" (that hasn't been secretly sold at Billy Budd etc. earlier in the week). Still crowded but much easier to navigate these days, thanks to the Silver Hall taking part of the load.

And at 5pm as the blankets covered the tables, you thought "boy that was fun, now I have to wait another 6 months!"

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