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I have always liked the "Hornby Approach" ... where they made tin inserts for a couple of their smaller wagons ... wouldnt be hard to bend up some light tin , belt it thoroughly with a small ball pein hammer and paint black

For the fancier bigger ones they used real coal chips glued into a block

A bag of crumbles and some PVA glue and you too could make drop in loads !


What a great idea.   I am pretty good with sheet aluminum, tin snips and metal bending, and I have a small ball peen hammer.   I will have several open top cars, so I plan to use all of the suggestions on this board for different cars.

I also think that I could print out one of the pictures that Steve sent to me,  on glossy  machine glossy,  with adhesive back, and then stick it onto a piece of tin, spray paint it with a sealer, and then put the piece in the car.



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