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As a TMCC newbie, I’d like to know what electronics are inside a vintage MPC-era F-3 ABA that’s been converted to:  (1) a TMCC twin- motor A unit; (2) a non-powered, sound-equipped A unit; and, (3) a bone stock dummy B unit.  LIONEL Milwaukee Road 6-8555, -8557, and -8575.  This was a recent estate sale purchase.

I’ll start with the electronics in the non-powered A unit and its very neat appearing speaker installation and antenna.  Also, though not clearly photographed, is a 9-volt battery connection visible on the right side edge of the second photograph.

8557 38557 5

As I said, I’m a TMCC newbie and don’t know why there is provision for a battery.  Do I need to install one for this to operate properly?  I’ll be taking it to the club Saturday for its first run with me as owner.  If I need a battery, I’ll need to buy one.

Also, there is what appears to be a volume control know that was loose at the rear of the unit.  I regret not photographing it.

Thanks in advance for your replies.

I'll post photos of the twin-motored A unit Saturday (It's at the club).  Its TMCC conversion works perfectly.  I just don't know what electronics are inside it.


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