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I hope everyone has enjoyed the first few weeks of 2020. Notch 6 will return tomorrow with two brand new episodes dedicated to the 2020 Lionel Catalog. Many of you have noticed that the show has been dark since October. This is the first time I have missed multiple months since the show debut in 2013. 

I think most of the folks who know me, have figured out that I am an entrepreneurial / creative person. Always building something and taking steps to what's next. In April of last year I started taking steps to officially launch my own auction company called Rail & Road Auctions. I have not left and will not be leaving Stout Auctions any time soon.  This new company focuses on Railroadiana and Railroad Art. It also focuses on my other passion which is Performance Vehicles which were built after 1980. All three of these markets are under served and we believe we have a chance here to make some great strides in offering people in these markets the kind of attention they deserve. 

I'm currently working on a Railroad Art auction for April of this year and our first Performance Vehicle auction will be in June. If you'd like more information on either event I invite you to check out the website at 

So where does that leave Notch 6? While the show will scale back in 2020, I don't see it going away. We'll continue to put out catalog shows and interviews on an as needed basis or when I feel like there is an interview that can't be missed. Many of you have listened since the beginning and it seemed silly to stop now. So while you won't hear from me quite as much this year, I'll still be putting out the content that you've come to expect from us over the last seven years. 

Thank you to every one of you who have supported Notch 6, The Madison Hardware Projects, XP Trains, and a host of other little things that have been stepping stones to get us to Rail & Road. I'm looking forward to this new adventure! 

Thanks for reading and listening, 


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