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Atlas Trainman Dash 8-41CW. I occasionally dabble in Union Pacific and this one was a trial run for my pair of Santa Fe’s. I’ll probably add the missing MU hoses and upgrade the cut levers at some point, but the pilots are fixed and full length handrails and Kadees installed. Atlas did a nice job on these.



This looks great. Did Atlas provide the parts to convert to 3RS or did you create the shim and hand rails?

OK, it looks like I have 2 previous projects in this thread. Right now they are at various stages of completion. So many projects...(sigh). Here are two MTH N&W SD40-2's. Anyways these guys are prepared and are going in the weathering shop (my garage). I thought this would be another nice start to weathering locomotives using an airbrush because they don't call for anything heavy. I'm still very new at the airbrush thing. All of the prototype photos of these show a very light to medium dusting. More to come...


MTH 3-rail N&W SD40-2


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  • MTH 3-rail N&W SD40-2

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