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 In my on going quest to model the Rutland. I wanted to try my hand at assembling a closer to the prototype single sheathed boxcar. They only owned 1.  #7999.  The car is a little different than the Atlas or MTH versions. They feature wooden car ends. Rather than steel. Ladders instead of grab irons. I started with a Mainline Models kit. I ended up just basically using the roof and stripwood. I ending up using smaller spaced siding than what was supplied. Detail parts were purchased from different sources. I used an Atlas double sheathed chassis and also the doors from a damaged car. The decals were from a few different sets. I applied them over Scalecoat ‘s paint. It dried to a glossy finish. I usually apply a gloss coat after. I didn't on this one. Not sure if it would have helped or not. I did apply gloss over the decals. The film shows a bit. Once it's In a consist and the lighting isn’t right on it. It probably won’t be that noticeable.





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I know this is pretty miner compared to what some of you guys are doing, but I final put the scale pilots on my Atlas Lackawanna F3s. These are Kadee couplers and Kadee gear boxes. The stock Atlas scale couplers and gear boxes. The Atlas ones are actually to low when you check it with the coupler gauge. The stock rear Atlas couplers were the right height though. Thanks Mario for getting me started on that slippery slope. Now only hundreds more to modify.



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