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I guess I should have prefaced my SD9 wants. Lionel did put SD trucks under their GP shell; a scale shell with scale trucks would be nice.  I haven't kept track of Lionel's O gauge (scale) engines; did they ever do a scale SD7/9?  With dual truck motors, would there be enough room in the shell for the TMCC boards? 


Since I'm a scale modeler, operator and prefer DCC a basic unit without smoke, sound and cab chatter would be preferable to me. 


I like the Alco choices, throw in an RS11 with the RS32.  A C424/425 would look great in SP&S/BN and BCR.


GP40's anyone?



Lots of stuff for Lionel to seriously tackle.





Lionel never did a scale SD7,9 or 24.  Back in the 80's-90's they DID put 6 wheel trucks under their GP-whatever and also changed the cabs and roof details on some.  They were called an SD9, SD18 or SD24, depending on what they felt like calling it. The Seaboard "SD9" came off the best, but no matter how you sliced it, it was a cartoon locomotive.  A GP in SD clothing.


Likewise a few years ago they put 6 wheel trucks under the Flyer GP.


Lionel did do a scale RS11 and C420, those may possibly show up in S one day.



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