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Haven't been watching recent new items very closely and am curious as to why this car seems so high priced.

Lionel 2027310 O Gauge Southern 21" Vista Vision Dome Passenger Car


Did it come in a set? Trainz has one for just under $300 which seems awfully high for a single car of recent production. Even the popular Polar Express scale cars are much more reasonable at about $125 - $150 ea aren't they?


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Nice car but I think I'll pass due to having the camera. I have a theater car and don't use it so far, AND also have Apple/Mac but no interest...

If anyone has one WITHOUT a working camera and would like to part with it for a reasonable price I'd be interested however...

Thank you all for the clarification.

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I guess that really leaves me out with this train, I suspect it's longer than 14 feet!


Well obviously, most of us don't have the 1,000-acre, sprawling layout that you have, John. So, I'm sure it would have no trouble handling a 14-foot long train. Oh, and by the way, has every one of your 87 dozen steam locomotives had a chance to run on your new layout? 🤔

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