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I use 91% isopropyl alcohol on a paper towel which works well. I wrap the paper towel around a block of wood to make it easier to manage.

Stubborn buildup can be removed with the abrasive eraser in Lionels track cleaning kit, or a Brite boy track cleaning block.

I'll use the abrasive eraser/block first. Then wipe with the alcohol.

There are many different methods that work well enough. That's why Google brings up many.

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Many model railroaders have found that odor free Mineral Spirits work best for track cleaning.

If you want to eliminate track cleaning forever and improve the electrical conduction and thus operation of your trains check out the use of NO OX model railroad track treatment at the below OGR link

NO OX, which reduces sparking, a major cause of dirty track, has improved the operation of my 40 year old 027, conventional operation layout, greatly with greater slow train operation.


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Since the rails on Fastrack are stainless steel, I use Clorox wet wipes to clean the grime off the rails and then make sure to get the dust and wipe residue off with a dry cloth. My method works well, and only takes a few minutes to clean every inch of my 10X14 foot layout. The other advantages to the wet wipes are that they don't damage the track (they can be used to clean stainless steel), and they don't have much of a bad smell like alcohol or mineral spirits.

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