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The shady travel agent center near Chippie's steakhouse always has police activity.IMG_20211017_103635719

No Fear!IMG_20200812_142441322

Street running is always a risky proposition.IMG_20200625_103022078

Design architect's miscalculated the space requirements of the comet II cars.  As a result they had to remove the concrete corner pillar to the city station and replace it with a smaller "I" beam.  Space is tight and speed restrictions are in place.IMG_20200327_154053596

I've also forgotten to close my lift bridge twice in 10 years.  Fortunately minimal damage.


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  • IMG_20200812_142441322
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My layout is in the attic of my airplane roof bungalow. The mainline runs at the extreme edge of the roof, where the headroom is only a foot or so. That stretch is also blocked by boxes of trains. That's exactly where the latest train stopped when a capacitor exploded and caught the inside of the loco on fire recently. I could see the loco, but could not reach it. I had to watch to make sure it would not burn. The mainline was shorted, so there was no way to get to it quickly. It took two days to move stuff to get to the loco. The house smelled of burnt electronics for a week.

The vendor I bought it from said "too bad" but it really was not his fault, as the loco ran for an hour before self destructing.

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