Hey guys. I am looking for advice. I have a few dozen of the Woodland Scenic Just plug street lamps.

i am having a bear of a time working with those literally hair thin wires. I really like how simple they install in a 1/8” hole. But for me it is a challenge to wire them up. I use a lighter to burn off the insulation to get more wire exposed. I usually try to twist 3 or 4 together. Inevitably one will not work due to my inability to see the wire even using high power work lights. Finally I have all those hair thin wires hanging around just waiting for me to snag one or two and tear them. 

Any advice will help. Thanks 


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3RAIL 2,

Just went to take a look at my layout as only a few weeks ago I placed (wired up) 8 Woodland Just Plug street lights on my Superstreets layout. Yes, the wires are very, very, thin.

I can't recall whether I had to strip more insulation off the wires or not. If I did, I placed the wire on a flat surface and very carefully rolled a old, dulled cutting blade on it (turning the wire under it as I lightly cut) to make a light initial indentation in the insulation and then used my thumb and forefinger to pull the insulation off. 

I will tell you that whatever time, energy, and effort you are using to do this, it will be well worthwhile. The street lights look great. To drill the holes, wire up the lights, and wire up a Woodlands Auxiliary switch to my control table probably took an hour or so. 

Regarding twisting 3 or 4 together, my reading/understanding of the instructions is that no more than 2 wires can be paired to insert into the linker (2 black wires to the black linker and 2 red wires to the red linker). Let me know if I'm wrong!

Good luck, don't give up.


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