What is the status of these MTH Lionel Corporation items?


O Gauge Lionel Corporation Tinplate No. 2817 O Gauge Illuminated Caboose


O Gauge Lionel Corporation Tinplate No. 2814R O Gauge Refrigerator Car
I still have one of these desperate for a caboose.


Thank you!


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Sorry Marty. Unless you like the sound of crickets this isn't the place to ask. You have entered the no response zone!   I'm still waiting for the Blue comet caboose from the same catalog as you.  I have kind of resigned myself to the "It gets here when it gets here " attitude.  





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Yep.  I thought I'd give it a chance.

I've had the engine since I believe late 2010 or early 2011.  6 years for a caboose to come out is painful.

Seems like this section of the forum is a dud.  Rich should save the storage and delete it.


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