What is the story? Sam Lindsey's Hobby Corner / Just Trains, Laurel Mississippi.

     Those of you from this area, what is the inside story, on this Mr. Linsey's Hobby Corner.

It seems to be a historic Train Shop by reports from the local press..........

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I visited this shop back in the early 80's. I was stationed at Fort Sill Ok. Our unit was supporting an Army NG FA battalion at Camp Shelby. I had heard of Mr. Lindsey and was able to go to his shop one weekend. I remember those custom painted passenger trains all around the walls. I bought a few parts from him.

Is the shop still there? I had heard he passed away.



I have been in Meridian, MS (about an hour away) for 15 years. Just Trains store has been closed as long as I've been here. There was an HO train store right by the rail tracks, but unfortunately it closed several years ago also.

Sam was a true gentleman and a great friend. He passed away several years ago. He had a huge Lionel collection. We traveled on Amtrak together several times just so we could ride the train. We did not go anyplace particular, just rode the train. I remember one trip in particular. He used the "All Aboard America Fare" to travel from Brookhaven, MS to Laurel, Ms(about 50 miles). We left Laurel and traveled through Atlanta, Washington, new York, Chicago and back the Brookhaven. Two weeks later we made the return trip. My ticket was $125.00!

We used to live in Columbus, MS and my boys and I visited Hobby Corner maybe four or five times.  It was about a two hour drive each way from our house down to
Laurel and back.

I think it was the first time we drove down there, I took an engine with me that needed repairs.  When Mr. Sam found out how far I'd driven to get there, he dropped what he was doing to fix the engine so I'd not have to make another four hour round trip to come back and pick it up.  That simple act of kindness sold me and on our subsequent trips down I always came home with some more pieces for the collection.

I think this was about the only good train store in Mississippi and Mr. Sam was a true gentleman.


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