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What do you think the best detailed or best paint scheme piece of rolling stock is from Lionel?

While I have many favorites, the Lionel 6-85117 two piece CN Tank Train is perhaps the most detailed and best decorated piece of Lionel rolling stock ever.  It gets my top vote!  I'll post a runner up for beautiful paint scheme in a second post.IMG_5061IMG_5062IMG_5063IMG_5064IMG_5066IMG_5067IMG_5068IMG_5069IMG_5070IMG_5071IMG_5072IMG_5073IMG_5074IMG_5075IMG_5078IMG_5082


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  • IMG_5062
  • IMG_5063
  • IMG_5064
  • IMG_5066
  • IMG_5067
  • IMG_5068
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  • IMG_5070
  • IMG_5071
  • IMG_5072
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  • IMG_5075
  • IMG_5078
  • IMG_5082
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