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Dan.    The gearbox is the one that comes with the kit or powering kit, only the motor has been changed. It will never be a heavy hauler,but the Maxon coreless motor has to be an improvement over the original motor. I did make a knew drive shaft however. I don't see why this wouldn't work on the Casy Jones kit.         cTr....( Choose the Right )

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The 382 kit motor I have pulls pretty well. Extra weight is needed more than extra power.

 It's a creeper motor too; nice low end, low top speed.

I added a lone bridge rectifier and GG-1 roller set to AC three rail it. It can manage 30"+dia. tube track, but not real well. It likes Super O and other flat rails best.  I think it manages about 10 cars (combo frght/pass) which I think is about correct for a long-ish pass. train of the time.

If you search past threads, "Capt John" (forget his avatar) had repowered his 382 with a General's motor (but which?). He said the gear mesh was fine. 

(I would very much like to know if you figure out if the old Riv. gears are common metric module type or of another older Euro or US standard)

I dont know about the gears in the 382 as I never had the original drive. The 0-8-0 IHB gears are all original I didn't change them, and the worm gear isn't on the motor, but a separate shaft. I did obtain a gear set from China, and the worm does seem to fit the 0-8-0 so Im going to say its most likely is metric.        cTr....( Choose the Right )

Dan     Im going to use the original Bluerail board for this, but there are other ways, 2.4ghz R/C, APPs such as RoboRemo and others, you do have to down load code thou, Bluerail simplifies all this with thier APP. A new Bluerail board, by Tamvalley is coming soon. I scavenge my batteries from laptop battery packs ( Lithium Ion cells need to be treated with respect ) you could use Lithium FePo4 less volatile.     cTr....( Choose the Right )  

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