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Hey all,

I'm transplanting the guts of A PS3 2-8-0 PRR engine from one of the RTR sets into a Premier H-9 Consolidation that I bought empty from the MTH auction.

I understand that the PS3 pinouts function differently depending on what Chain File and Sound File are loaded. Assuming I load a chain / sound file for 20-21744-1, I would like to connect the firebox light and the cab light to the appropriate empty positions on the boiler board. Also, I'd like to hook up the backup on the tender from the main board.

Would anyone have any way of figuring out where (what pinouts) I need to add wires for this added functionality? (The cheaper RTR engine did not have cab lights or firebox, or tender reverse lights).

The boiler board is the FET version (not the relay version) if it makes a difference.


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You know I was thinking you were going to chime in and say something like that.

I'm wondering if it's worth getting a whole bunch of the pre-crimped JST 1 mm connectors from Digi key and making up a whole connector with 40 LEDs on it and each LED has a little sticker with its PIN number on it. Then I can just plug the test connector in each time I do this in the future and turn on the files and see which LEDs light up and mark down the PIN numbers and then I can insert the LEDs with the crimped wires into the associated sockets on the actual harness.

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