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I'm looking for the same thing. I'm thinking Henning's Trains.

I have a "like new" almost perfect AF 3300 & 3301 except the rods crumbled & needs wheels & new wiring from age. I have a set of the cast rods but someone with all of the correct rivets to assemble them. I too afraid if I start working on it, I'll scratch it up. The glossy black and green stripe look new. This is the 1st version with high gloss black, visor over headlight, red weight in the cab, smaller crimped style wheels etc. It's beautiful! I just wish I had the box.

So, I'm asking for advise from here too. I have been planning on sending to Harry Henning.

@bob2 posted:


Is this like cars and airplanes - way cheaper to purchase already restored?  Unless Henning works for six bucks an hour.

You hit the nail on the head!

Cheaper to purchase a nice engine that may need wheels, as they typically deteriorate due to zinc pest, than doing a full restoration on an engine.  It is also cheaper to do the work yourself, if you can.

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