What’s A Locomotive You’d Like To See Made?

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I'd love to see Lionel issue a PRR Q2 and maybe even an NYC A2a  

and especially a Q1

A Legacy Q1 would be great, but I'm not sure Lionel would make a one only prototype anymore.  Here is a picture of my 3rd Rail Q1.  Great looking but not happy on curves less than 080 and some switches.






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An earlier poster made a case for a modern 4-4-0. I could go with that, as long as there was a two-Rail version with optional oil firing.

Also, some of the smaller rod engines favored by some of the logging railroads would be nice, too. Not all the logging roads used geared locomotives.

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Atlas O Trainman line

Chicago & NorthWestern GP15-1 diesel-electric locomotive in Safety Yellow that matches the CNW bay-window caboose already produced. CNW 4400 series.

CNW 4400 Sterling IL 6-96


Did they do that in "it can be seen from space" Zito Yellow? As I recall, there were a few yellows used, but Zito was super-bright for a while, then faded badly. Atlas did a pair of Trainman PS4750 hoppers in Zito.


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BobbyD:    Believe the Central Vermont 2-10-4's remained black throughout their careers. Canadian National's earliest 4-8-4's wore gray boilers, 1926-1930. CN and GTW U4 streamlined 4-8-4's, CN 4-6-4's and CN U1f "Bullet Nose Betty" 4-8-2's were either all green or portions were green.  CV 2-10-4 #700 carried the name "Norwich University" above it's cab number for a period of time.

#707 made the last run of a CV 2-10-4 on 03-23-57, on northbound second #491. #707 would be my preferred version, as it had the flat smoke box front which, to my perspective, comes off best.

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cv705Screen Shot 2019-02-21 at 7.36.17 AM

She's a beauty. Has been done by Division Point  and PFM in HO.

That's an attractive engine. Were any ever lettered for the CN?

With limited research,  I think all 10 T-3a s were assigned to the Central Vermont. I cannot find any references that any of these engines were heralded as CNR or GTW. Sure would be cool if it were  offered as a 'fantasy' as part of a model run. Link to some great pictures:  https://sites.google.com/site/...2-8-0/n-2-8-0/2-10-4


Link to video of Division Point model:    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vYxXDABklqg

Does that engine have a Green boiler? I could live with a Fantasy CN version, especially compared to some of the OMG  fantasy schemes being released. Thanks for the great images link.

I believe all ten of the CV T-3a s were painted black. Rutland Railroad took delivery of four class L-1 s,

4-8-2 s Mountains, # 90-93 in 1946. When they were delivered they were painted a deep green and yellow/gold trim.





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