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Don't know anything specific about MTH but I would imagine the issue is the same for them as it is for many items these days...component shortages.  Think about what is happening right now.  There are shortages of cars, laptops and any other item that uses chips.  I don't imagine that electronics for model trains are very high on the priority list to receive chips.  Unfortunately your wait may be much longer than it's already been.

Please don’t take this the wrong way, but where have you been??……lots and lots of companies affected by chip shortage..not just MTH ……your dealer isn’t lying to you,…..some companies have good stock piles, others did not,…nobody foreseen it coming,….last I heard, PS3 sets are SLOWLY coming back in small lots allocated to those with back orders first …’ll either have to hold your breath, or go a different route,…


I've been scrambling to get chips for my little product line, all the chips of seemingly any kind are being sucked up!  It wasn't that long ago that there was plenty of inventory of thru-hole processors since most larger runs are SMT.  However, recently, even the thru-hole stuff is in short supply.

I'm sure the first order of business for MTH is to ship new product...

My daughter has a one year old refrigerator with a dead board that is in warranty.  The dead board has been on back order over six months. The board controls a circulating fan which controls the temp in the freezer so no freezer for six months.  I pulled the board out last week and replaced all the easy to acquire parts capacitors, diodes, transistors and triacs.  I got lucky. BUT, now I am worried about the warranty. Sooner or later the repairman is going to get the new board.  Our toy trains are trivial when compared to all the other things which cannot be manufactured or repaired. This country better take a long hard look at what is essential and what we can purchase from off shore.          j

I worked for a utility company in HVAC department. My buddies that are still there are telling me that they don’t have boards for certain furnaces. They all had to get cute and make different boards for each model instead of making a standard board. Pray you don’t get any power surges over the winter and fries your board. I hope the fuse holds up and you can just replace the fuse on the board. Nobody is talking about this.

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