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Might be providing steam in an industrial setting.

Looks to be the case, note the capped smoke stack

Either that, or it's one heckufa headlight...

Actually it appears the exhaust is being drafted to an industrial smokestack.  It appears the actual steam is being piped out the top of the steam dome.  The connection is obscured by the gantry.  Note the large pipe with brackets mounted on the boiler.


American ingenuity at its best !!!  Looks to be six inch screw pipe , probably schedule 80 by the look of the boss on the ell's. You can just make out a gate valve on top of the steam dome . Probably brought in to keep the plant under steam power while their stationary boiler was being re-tubed. You can also see some temporary water lines being fed to the tender . I would love to see how far that flue was run and just how they tied it into the smoke stack . 

Enjoy your life now . It comes with a expiration date .

TCA -00-52289  LCCA-25013

This temp boiler set-up was used a lot.   A steam loco is just a boiler on wheels. I believe the pipe is larger then 6in.  Maybe 12 to  14.   The pipe would have been flanged as the 90s.  You can see an in-line expansion joint right before the last 90 (elbow)

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As an aside, this is the number of the new MTH WM 4-6-2, which has a boiler-front- mounted headlight.  I saw another picture of 204 in which it had a high mounted headlight.  But this picture shows neither light nor bracket.

As I recall, some of the WM 4-6-2s were oil-burners to reduce smoke in Baltimore.

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