i couldn’t find a good topic forum to stick this in, so if I’m in the wrong place ......I did try......anyways, my wife and I will be staying in Hagerstown MD for a couple days while we visit with family.....could I get some suggestions on what’s to see and do railroad wise in the area?....never stayed in that area, been through it dozens of times, but never stopped....oh and if this helps the topic forum ....where’s the train stores around there?.........thank all of you as always!................Pat

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The Hagerstown railroad museum is couple hundred yards from the train room. Check for hours. The Train Room is loaded with inventory. Great place. Twenty minutes away at 15066 Buchanan Trail East, Blue Ridge Summit, PA is Mainline Hobby Supply. Trains only and huge inventory including Lionel and MTH. You’ll find layout add on items only seen on the internet. 

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Hagerstown Roundhouse Museum, Mainline Hobby Supply in Blue Ridge Summit Pa. If you want to watch real trains Norfolk Southern's Lurgan Branch runs through the area as well as CSX. Highfield Maryland (literally next to Blue Ridge Summit) is an interchange for the Maryland Midland Railway & CSX. Penn Mar park is on the mountain. It's just a regular park now, but it used to be an amusement park back in the early 1900s designed by the Western Maryland to get more riders. The whole area is chock full of history! There are some great books about the area. I live minutes away from Hagerstown on the Pennsylvania border.

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