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Dave, where ever did you find Moxie equipment? I love Moxie, but I’ve never seen any cars or locos? Are they custom?J

Joel, My Cousin had them specially painted for me by a friend of his, only some of these are in the picture. There is also a large boxcar (50ft?) made by one of the train clubs that's still in the box. I also have a U.S.A. trains G-scale Moxie reefer. One of these days I'll post the the full set in here.

Don't really have a favorite car. Since I'm somewhat of a history buff, I like the American Freedom Trains. Unfortunately may of them are hard to find. But, Lionel no too long ago released several sets. I now have 13 in all and awaiting this year's release of two 2-car packs. I'm hoping Lionel will eventually release all 26 cars that made up the 1975-1976 Freedom Train, but not holding my breath. I do have the GS-4 4-8-4 GS-4 Northern Steam locomotive (MTH 30-1776-1).

Fortunately for me ( and unfortunately for wife) , my interests in trains continues to grow, even at my old age. It all started with the Lionel PW 6464s ( in addition to the GPs, FMs, GG1sand F3s)-then to the more modern 6464 types including the K Line 641 series-box cars-but I also study and collect the Evans auto loaders, Lionel submarine cars, circus cars, 16 wheel depressed center Lionel and K Line flat cars, K Line die cast hoppers and MTH die cast box cars, reefers and tanks cars, many caboose and beer reefers. Another love are the PRR electrics-especially , of course, the GG1s.  Jeese I probably have to many-but what the heck-still enjoy them !!


I'm a sucker for boxcars.

In my 3-rail affliction, I like 6464 (both PW and modern era) and 6464-type (think: K-Line Classics). My past collections were heavy on 6464-type boxcars.


Getting an honorable mention are the little Marx litho 3/16" cars. Love those little sucker's, too.


SO... boxcars for me. (Even my HO rolling stock roster is heavy on boxcars!)



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Really an un-answerable "favorite" question, but this would be in the top bunch.

K-Line die-cast flat with I-beams. I like the car in general, very close in basic structure to a car in photos I have of a NYC example, and I painted/lettered it for the NYC. The decals are correct and I used some of those 3-D "rivet decals" to backdate the car.



It used to look like this - a modern welded H-D flat. K-line helped in the project by putting the wrong trucks on a modern car (older, plain-bearing types), so that helped with the back-dating.



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