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Thanks Mark - it's been a long six years on dialysis, the result of a hereditary factor. Anyway, I was transplanted on 10/26/20 and so far everything is going well.

I will soon get back to modeling the second table which will bolt up to the first table. That will make the layout 6' x 8'. The third table should get me to 6' x 12' which should keep me busy for a while.

My plan includes a MTH Redbird Subway set running underneath.

Sean, I am glad it is going so well.  My wife was a registered nurse at an outpatient dialysis center, did emergency treatments at the hospital, and wound up as head nurse at a small satellite branch outpatient center before our now adult children were born.  Her dad also had to go on dialysis the last couple years of his long life.  Many long term patients became almost like family to her.  I remember how exciting it was for a long time dialysis patient to finally get a transplant!! 

Your plans for the layout sound great!!!

One of my projects was to come up with a Yard Light that was better (in my estimation) than some of the ones being sold now or sold in the past. I 'm looking for something that looks like it fits in on the layout and serves the purpose of actually lighting an area. The other criteria was that I could make it on the 3D printer. What I came up with was a Yard Light which does not look like it belongs in the 40's but I think fits in with my layout. My 1st iteration was ok but a little more like a spotlight than what I wanted.  I am very pleased with the 2nd iteration and developed 4 different styles as shown here in a computer rendering:

New Style Yard Assortment_1 IMG_4757IMG_4740_clos

6-6 1/2" in length and mounted with break away pins for when it gets in the way of that elbow.

Also 2 different LEDs, Warm and COOL White


Images (3)
  • New Style Yard Assortment_1
  • IMG_4757
  • IMG_4740_clos
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As the covid numbers increase nationally and even though the vaccine is on the horizon, it appears that I still need another covid project to get through to the new normal. This week I received two eBay purchases: a K-line heavyweight observation and a Lionel heavyweight combined. Both cars will be detailed, repainted and assigned to the Duluth Missabe & Iron Range Railroad. The Canadian National Railroad purchased the DM&IRR in 2004, but the Lake Superior RR Museum has preserved both the Northland business car and the W-24 combined as part of their collection. The North Shore Scenic Railroad often operate these cars during special events.

This project is inspired by the fact that I’m a fan of the DM&IRR, the LSRRM is one of my happy places and I have some extra sitting passenger figures that need a place to sit.   I thought it only fitting that I add these two cars to my layout.   The K-Line car has interior detail but it will need some modification and the combined has silhouette windows so I will have to fabricate the interior setting and add clear window glazing.   I’m looking forward to this respite and diversion from reality!

Finished Covid 1:


Onward to Covid 2:


My Targets:  Northland


W-24 Combined

W-24 combined    

Cheers, Dave


Images (5)
  • IMG_2392
  • IMG_2397
  • IMG_2399
  • northland
  • W-24 combined

Dave, your trolley turned out looking great! I have all the faith in you that your next 2 cars will also make the mark!

Mark, I am glad you were able to get all the wire drops connected. Might give you a little break from crawling under the table! I to am in under the direction of the decorating supervisor. Today is outside lights! LOL

One track Mind, I hope you post photos when your done!

Covid Project #2 update:

My current project is modeling two cars now owned by the Lake Superior Railroad Museum and operated on the North Shore Scenic R, Duluth, Minnesota.

A few months ago, I purchased a Kline Southern heavyweight observation car and a Lionel Pullman combined to help start this project.  I’m currently detailing and converting the observation car to the “Northland,” a former DM&IRR business car.   

The Northland has required some extensive modifications.   The beauty of 3-rail is that I believe that most of us are not rivet counters so we have more latitude when it comes to a pure prototypical restoration - we operate on 3-rails - proof enough!     With that said, the window configuration is not perfect, but I did need to modify the roof contour.   I cut, shaped and epoxied a piece of basswood to fill-in the right side of the clearstory roof on the car.   After using sparkling compound, several coats of poly, and lots of find sanding, I believe I have accomplished my goal.   I cut some narrow strips from note card stock to serve as seam bands.   The roof is currently in primer awaiting an enamel black matte finish.    The rest is in a green primer awaiting delivery of Pullman green finish coat.   I will custom print appropriate decals as I was able to purchase and add the correct font to my computer.   

I am modifying the “Northland” as a business car, not per original plan, but wanted to include the solarium, which is ending up a bit more prototypical.  I’m also in the process of adding two state rooms, formal dinning area and kitchen.   It’s a work in process but wanted to share some progress.   I also added the red tail-end marker light to the roof.

Hope you all had a Merry Christmas, received stockings full of trans and are now looking forward to a much better New Year!

Cheers, Dave  

Picture progress of Northland as of 12/28/20:





Images (12)
  • IMG_2399
  • IMG_2417
  • IMG_2415
  • IMG_2429
  • IMG_2431
  • IMG_2490
  • IMG_2480
  • IMG_2503
  • IMG_2502
  • IMG_2507
  • IMG_2488
  • IMG_2410
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Staying healthy and reading.   Since mid-March I'm on book #45.  The list so far:

Pandemic Reading List

  • The Midnight Line – Lee Child
  • Past Tense – Lee Child
  • Blue Moon – Lee Child
  • The Hunting Party – Lucy Foley
  • The Second Sleep – Robert Harris
  • The Book of Lost Friends – Lisa Wingate
  • The Malta Exchange – Steve Berry
  • The Winter Soldier – Daniel Mason
  • Walk the Wire – David Baldacci
  • The Hard Way – Lee Child
  • Bad Luck and Trouble – Lee Child
  • The Terminal List – Jack Carr
  • The Underground Railroad – Colson Whitehead
  • Revenge – James Patterson
  • Zone One – Colson Whitehead
  • Cilka’s Journey – Heather Morris
  • The Child – Fiona Barton
  • No Middle Name – Lee Child
  • Without Fail – Lee Child
  • Devoted – Dean Koontz
  • Devolution – Max Brooks
  • Power and Empire – Marc Cameron (Tom Clancy)
  • Oath of Office - Marc Cameron (Tom Clancy)
  • The Paris Architect – Charles Belfoure
  • The Widow – Fiona Barton
  • Station Eleven – Emily St. John Mandel
  • The Lost Vintage – Ann Mah
  • Sandstorm – James Rollins
  • The Order – Daniel Silva
  • The Went Left – Monica Hesse
  • Nothing to Lose – Lee Child
  • The Hunter from the Woods – Robert McCammon
  • The Confessions of Frannie Langton – Sara Collins
  • Cold Storage – David Koepp
  • Killing Trail – Margaret Mizushima
  • The Sentinel – Lee Child/Andrew Child
  • Heaven, My Home – Attica Locke
  • The Christmas Town – Donna Van Liere
  • Daylight – David Baldacci
  • Pieces of Her – Karin Slaughter
  • Comfort and Joy – Kristen Hannah
  • The Wonder Boy of Whistle Stop – Fannie Flagg
  • The Suspect – Fiona Barton
  • A Redbird Christmas – Fannie Flagg
  • The Christmas Train – David Baldacci (In-Progress)


Adding a shelf to the backside of the basement ceiling drop that covers the heating vents.  Will be visible to those standing behind the bar or a nice surprise to those sitting at the bar who can see it reflected through the mirror.

Will be 18 feet. Using prime select pine 2x4 for lightweight strength. Anchored using hidden lag bolts through the board into the box out support framework.  Bolt heads will then be hidden by a end cap trim piece for a true "floating" shelf.  I'll paint white then screw down some lengths of 40" Atlas O track.

Here's an early eyeball viability check...




Figured if I ever sell the house, it will look like a normal shelf for the next owner to put bar bottles, cans, glasses etc... On.


Images (3)
  • IMG_20201203_130955671~2
  • IMG_20201203_130933802
  • IMG_20201203_130955671
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WITZ 41 Looking good!  I have something similar, although our older daughter actually had the idea, I got her started, then she did the rest when the train room was her art studio before she married and moved out.  It is much deeper than I need, but worked for her.  I do have plans to put in a raised section along the back half to show off two tracks of trains.

2020-03-10 11.56.402020-03-10 11.46.29

2020-03-10 11.43.28


Images (3)
  • 2020-03-10 11.56.40
  • 2020-03-10 11.46.29
  • 2020-03-10 11.43.28

I plan to get re-motivated to sell off a good portion of my personal collection (modern "O", almost exclusively new-in-the-box items), while simultaneously continuing to sell a large "O" (mostly post-war & a little MPC-era) & HO collection that I purchased several years ago...a project I started back near the beginning of the pandemic, but then put on hold around May as "train season" winded down.

Working from home for a good portion of the pandemic has given me ample time to make some big decisions as to where I'm headed with this great I need to execute the plan and purge, purge, purge!  I've once again begun the process of taking photos of items I'm going to sell (starting with locomotives), but it's been a bit of a slow-go so far with the Holidays and life's regular interruptions.  I'm a big believer in taking/posting good photos if you want to sell yes, I know, I do this to myself...LOL!

I'm hoping to post some of my personal items for sale here on the Forum soon--to give fellow members an opportunity first before listing them elsewhere...while the post-war stuff will continue to be listed on that Big auction site as I've had pretty good luck there.  Not sure what to do with the HO stuff...that will probably be last on my priority list.  Stay tuned...

Been adding an additional module and a  new branch line.  Still hammering away at a winding 3 rail valley branch line being added deep below the main 2 rail layout.  The return loops are in and wired, all the Homasote is in spackled, sanded and just now painted.  Most of the GG & Atlas track   & Ross turnouts are pre fitted or in place waiting for a wrap up.

This may finally be the last bit of benchwork possible in the train room unless I poke a hole to the back yard...

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