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I found all these very inspiring.  My next layout will have to include a scrapyard,  I'm going to use steel wool for piles of machine shop turnings (MST), strips of alum foil for the plated steel pieces left over from appliance manufacturing, (Tin pile) of course misc gears, etc., and junked cars, an aluminum pile for old light poles - that were traffic casualties,  and the list goes on & on ! 

Some really great stuff here. Many of you have put in a lot of work, and it shows!

I attached some photos from my layout, the first two are from around the sawmill. This scene is inspired by my home city's logging history. 

The last photo is where I would like to add a platform to unload milk near the grocery store. 



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Having only multiple branch lines in a non urban 1950's setting I am using local coal dealers, ice houses, live stock, public delivery tracks and fuel oil dealers for my freight service.  Plus commuter service via RDCs and doodle bugs.  No mainline service or heavy industry.    No loop running.  All peddler freight & commuter service.

The visual is more tones than distinctive colors to enhance a blended scene.  This is on 3' plus wide modules around the basement walls with five dead end branchlines emanating from an interchange yard and commuter station.

Eternity is a long time to have been wrong.

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