I’m not usually one for much weathering, but my new C420 acquisition is very shiny and very Cornell Red.  I would like to use a black wash on the grills & top walkways/fans, leaving some red underneath.  I’d love to hear what works best for a first timer. EF8053ED-BD55-4DF1-A3E0-B67A1A6C4D95AEE4C41B-C6DF-4145-A270-02D6CDF923ED

Upper photo by Doug Lilly       Lower photo by Center for railroad photography and art





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A safer/temporary way is to just brush on powdered chalk with a small paint brush.   If you don't like it it can be easily removed.   If you like it the chalk will remain in place unless over handled. 

Jack-Tamiya panel line is great, thanks for the tip.  Amazingly easy to use to just add a little depth.

Buck-I’ve already liberated some of the wife’s makeup brushes, and some weathering chalk from the LHS.  Figured I would practice on a $5 boxcar first.  

Mike-it’s amazing how much just adding that little bit of depth can transform.  The PA’s look great!



Review available paints.   There is dull coats and satin finishes.   With an air brush you can also apply "Grimmy black" that weathers a model.    A couple of Atlas SW9's custom paint.    Click to link a slideshow of the paint work.   

Caution:   Overspray of any model can be a potential problem.   The overspray paint may react, adversely, with the existing paint.  Caution. 

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