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"Small" depends on your perspective- I like the way my "Lionel Power Station" kit turned out as "Tri-State Machining".  Mine is to the left of pic- the other is a different OGR Forum post of the kit built and weathered. 

Lionel 6-12931

Lionel Power Substation


This kit has tons of charm- skylights, an office entrance and could be almost any small manufacturer.




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  • Lionel Power Substation: Lionel Substation

IMG_20200704_184239IMG_20200704_183109IMG_20200704_183606IMG_20200704_183536IMG_20200704_182904IMG_20200704_182338Thanks Scale rail for starting this thread. Among my favorite modeling railroad projects are assembling bldg kits, bashing them sometimes; using ready made structures with a little weathering; and scratch bldg. It's just a lot of fun for me.

Five of my scratch medium bldgs are 4w x 6L x 2,5 inches in different color schemes and various window and door placements. I made 5 crossing watch  shacks based on PRR drawings. The barber shop has charm. As previously noted, the Lionel Electrical building and the City hall bldgs are nice just stock and painted, and super for kitbashing. And the atlas station and switch tower and the MTH corner bldgs are classic and classy IMO. Too many pics  to upload so here a few.  


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  • IMG_20200704_183109
  • IMG_20200704_183606
  • IMG_20200704_183536
  • IMG_20200704_182904
  • IMG_20200704_182338
  • IMG_20200704_184239
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Here are some more I worked on this past spring.  I enjoy making these small structures and they can be put almost anywhere on the layout.   Dennis.


Now that I look at it, I don't like the green brick so I am going to replace those with red brick or stone.  The picture inside started out to be a calendar but was too big so it became just a poster.


I bought the hoist & chain & built the A-frame lift set-up to go with the garage.


It is actually more difficult (for me) to make a sagging roof then a straight one.



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  • DSCF7150
  • DSCF7151
  • DSCF7165
  • DSCF7169
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If you want to stick with Robert's then do what you normally do. Use joint compound with your fingers to fix up the spots where the mortar is missing. The white color is a little different but it disappears with the India ink wash.

I used to do this until I decided it was a lot easier and less expensive just to use the joint compound by it self. Below is the latest front I am working on.


2020-07-04 Woolworths 001


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  • 2020-07-04 Woolworths 001
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